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Rockrider Boulder
Rockrider Boulder
Biome N/A
Consists of Haven Stone Haven Stone
Rockrider Shrine Rockrider Shrine
Version added 1.0
ID RockriderBoulder

The Rockrider Boulder[1][2] is a structure that spawns in The Haven.

Generation[ | ]

Rockrider Boulders generate in the Haven. They will only generate on the islands (anywhere there is Haven Grass) between y = 30 and y = 75.

The default generation rate for Rockrider Boulders is 1 in 17 chance per chunk. Only one Rockrider Boulder can generate per chunk.

As of version 3.2.3, Rockrider Boulders can no longer spawn naturally and can only be spawned via commands.

Structure[ | ]

Rockrider Boulders are small, semi-spherical structures made of Haven Stone. A Rockrider Shrine sits on top of the boulder.

Mobs[ | ]

Bosses[ | ]

Summoned with
Rockrider Rockrider Heavy Boulder

Loot[ | ]

The following can be acquired from mobs in this structure:

Obtained from
Coal Coal Rockrider
Flint Flint Rockrider
Rockbasher Sword Rockbasher Sword Rockrider
Rock-Pick Sword Rock-Pick Sword Rockrider
Jack Rocker Jack Rocker Rockrider
Long Shot Long Shot Rockrider

Configuration[ | ]

The player is able to configure the generation rate of Rockrider Boulder in the mod's config file. By default the gen rate is set to 17.

References[ | ]