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The resource systems in-game.

Resource Systems are a property of the player that can be harvested for various purposes.


The Resource Systems appear as 3 square icons in the top right of the player's screen. The resource systems can be made to appear/disappear by pressing the 'O' key by default.

The resource systems can best be described as a property of the player, like health or experience. The player is capable of "holding" a finite amount of each resource on them at once, which can then be consumed to do things. Each resource has a different maximum amount that can be held at once. The amount of a resource system that the player currently has is denoted by the number on the square icon for that resource, as well as by the color of the square, which slows fills up as the player increases the amount of a resource system that they are holding.

Energy and Spirit naturally regenerate over time - once the player uses them, they will regenerate gradually until they reach their maximum. Rage does not regenerate naturally but instead increases when the player is attacked. Once they fill up completely, the only way to lose Energy or Spirit is to use it manually, while Rage will degenerate down to zero on its own if not used.

Each resource system can be used for a distinct purpose. See each resource system page for more info.

List of resource systems[]

There are currently 3 resource systems in the mod.

Resource Systems
Energy Rage Spirit
File:Energy Icon (Full).png Rage Icon (Full).png Spirit Icon (Full).png