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There are various ways to repair items in Advent of Ascension.


Magic Repair Dust/Magic Mending Compound Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Mending Compound.png[]

A Mending Table.

By using a Mending Table, the player can repair items by using Magic Repair Dust or Magic Mending Compound via putting them in the middle slot, and putting applicable items in the left slot. Magic Repair Dust will restore an item by 20% of its total durability value, while Magic Mending Compound will restore an item's durability to full. This does not cost any Experience.

This method is compatible with any item that has a durability value.

Same-Item Repairing Alacrity Chestplate.png Alacrity Chestplate.png[]

By using an Anvil, Crafting Table or the 2x2 crafting grid in the player's inventory, combining 2 of the same item will combine them into 1, merging their durability values (cannot go above max), along with adding an extra 5% durability. This costs Experience when done in an Anvil, but any enchantments the 2 items have are kept if done in an Anvil.

This method is also compatible with any item that has a durability value.

Material Repairing Limonite Pickaxe.png Limonite Ingot.png[]

By using an Anvil, combining a damaged item with the primary material used to craft it will restore durability. E.G. Putting a damaged Limonite Pickaxe and Limonite Ingot in an Anvil. Doing this restores an item by 25% of its total durability value. This costs Experience to do so.

This method is only compatible with the following items:

Material Applicable Items
Baronyte Ingot.png Baronyte Ingot Baron Sword.png Baron Sword
Bloodstone.png Bloodstone Bloodfury.png Bloodfury
Bloodstone Sword.png Bloodstone Sword
Crystallite.png Crystallite Crystallite Sword.png Crystallite Sword
Emberstone Ingot.png Emberstone Ingot Emberstone Axe.png Emberstone Axe
Emberstone Pickaxe.png Emberstone Pickaxe
Emberstone Shovel.png Emberstone Shovel
Emberstone Sword.png Emberstone Sword
Jade.png Jade Jade Axe.png Jade Axe
Jade Hoe.png Jade Hoe
Jade Pickaxe.png Jade Pickaxe
Jade Shovel.png Jade Shovel
Jade Sword.png Jade Sword
Limonite Ingot.png Limonite Ingot Limonite Axe.png Limonite Axe
Limonite Hoe.png Limonite Hoe
Limonite Pickaxe.png Limonite Pickaxe
Limonite Shovel.png Limonite Shovel
Limonite Sword.png Limonite Sword
Ornamyte.png Ornamyte Ornamyte Axe.png Ornamyte Axe
Ornamyte Pickaxe.png Ornamyte Pickaxe
Ornamyte Shovel.png Ornamyte Shovel
Shyrestone Ingot.png Shyrestone Ingot Light's Way.png Light's Way
Skeletal Ingot.png Skeletal Ingot Skeletal Axe.png Skeletal Axe
Skeletal Pickaxe.png Skeletal Pickaxe
Skeletal Shovel.png Skeletal Shovel
Skeletal Sword.png Skeletal Sword

Additionally, Crystal Carver can be repaired with any item considered a "gem".