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Version added 2.1

Vitality was a resource system added in 2.1. It provided a temperature mechanic, serving as a replacement to the Thermal Bar. Instead of causing freezing damage when too low, it gave the potential for critical hits when keeping it high.

It was removed in 2.4 as it was not intuitive and difficult to balance around. With this, temperature mechanics were removed from the mod entirely.

Information[ | ]

Vitality had a value that updated every tick. This value had a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 200. Keeping this bar low was not dangerous.

The primary way to keep Vitality up was to stay near warm blocks. Whether or not Vitality increased or decreased otherwise was mostly determined by location through multiple per-tick rules. All of these rules were checked at once, having their values added together. Additionally, some items could increase Vitality, while some mobs could decrease it on hit.

Warming actions[ | ]

Per tick[ | ]

Blocks could still be used for warmth. However, there were a few differences from the Thermal Bar's system.

  • The range's radius was increased from 1 to 2 blocks.
  • Each block within the range counted towards the total value, without a limit.
  • More blocks were allowed to work. However, the Lit Furnace and Torch did not provide warmth when the biome temperature was less than 0.1.
Block Change/tick
Lit Furnace +0.5
Torch +0.5
Campfire +2.0
Fire +2.0
Lava +4.0
Heat Lamp +4.0
Rule Change/tick
In lava +0.4
On fire +0.1
In a biome with temperature greater than 0.9 during the day +0.01
In a jungle, mesa, or savanna in the overworld during the night +0.001

Food[ | ]

Food Change
Tea Tea +40.0
Hot Rod Hot Rod +50.0
Fungal Tea Fungal Tea +80.0
Natural Tea Natural Tea +90.0

Tablets[ | ]

The Tablet of Vitality would fill Vitality when used.

Cooling actions[ | ]

Per tick[ | ]

Rule Change/tick
In a biome with temperature less than 0.1 -0.0255
In the overworld during the night when not in a jungle, mesa, or savanna -0.02

Mobs[ | ]

Mob Change/hit
Anemia -20.0
Bloodmist -20.0
Linger -20.0
Snow Charger -30.0

Effects[ | ]

Vitality would allow the player to land critical hits when high enough. The chance and damage of a critical hit was determined by the Calefaction skill.

Vitality had no effects when low.