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Abyss Tokens
Rarity color Common
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 1.0
ID See table

Tokens were items that were tied to dimensions. Each dimension had its own tokens, which could be used to trade with that dimension's lottoman. They were removed in 3.5 in favor of using coins as a universal currency.

Obtaining[ | ]

Tokens were part of World Tables outside of the Overworld. As a result, most AoA mobs would drop tokens for their corresponding dimension.

Usage[ | ]

Obtained from Price Item
Dimension's Lottoman variant Lotto Totem Lotto Totem Abyss Tokens 28 tokens
Weapons Case Weapons Case Abyss Tokens 15 tokens
Rune Box Rune Box Abyss Tokens 10 tokens
Treasure Box Treasure Box Abyss Tokens 21 tokens

Variants[ | ]

Tokens Dimension ID
Abyss Tokens Abyss Tokens Abyss aoa3:abyss_tokens
Baron Tokens Baron Tokens Barathos aoa3:baron_tokens
Borean Tokens Borean Tokens L'Borean aoa3:borean_tokens
Candyland Tokens Candyland Tokens Candyland aoa3:candyland_tokens
Celeve Tokens Celeve Tokens Celeve aoa3:celeve_tokens
Creeponia Tokens Creeponia Tokens Creeponia aoa3:creeponia_tokens
Crystevia Tokens Crystevia Tokens Crystevia aoa3:crystevia_tokens
Deeplands Tokens Deeplands Tokens Deeplands aoa3:deeplands_tokens
Dustopia Tokens Dustopia Tokens Dustopia aoa3:dustopia_tokens
Gardencia Tokens Gardencia Tokens Gardencia aoa3:gardencia_tokens
Greckon Tokens Greckon Tokens Greckon aoa3:greckon_tokens
Haven Tokens Haven Tokens Haven aoa3:haven_tokens
Iromine Tokens Iromine Tokens Iromine aoa3:iromine_tokens
Lelyetia Tokens Lelyetia Tokens Lelyetia aoa3:lelytetia_tokens
Lunar Tokens Lunar Tokens Lunalus aoa3:lunar_tokens
Mysterium Tokens Mysterium Tokens Mysterium aoa3:mysterium_tokens
Nether Tokens Nether Tokens Nether aoa3:nether_tokens
Precasian Tokens Precasian Tokens Precasia aoa3:precasian_tokens
Runandor Tokens Runandor Tokens Runandor aoa3:runandor_tokens
Shyrelands Tokens Shyrelands Tokens Shyrelands aoa3:shyrelands_tokens
Vox Ponds Tokens Vox Ponds Tokens Vox Ponds aoa3:vox_ponds_tokens