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Structure Light
Structure Light
Hardness Unbreakable
Blast resistance 0
Transparent Yes
Luminance Yes (15)
Stackable Yes (64)
Rarity color Common
Drops N/A
ID aoa3:structure_light
Version added 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha

Structure Light was a creative-exclusive block that served as a light source. It was added as a backport of vanilla Minecraft's Light block, which replaced the Structure Light once the mod updated to versions that had it.

Obtaining[ | ]

Structure Light is not obtainable in survival mode by any means. It cannot be mined up when placed.

Usage[ | ]

Structure Lights are completely invisible blocks. They are not solid, and the player can walk through one, place blocks in the same space as one, etc, as if it were a fluid block.

Structure Lights cannot be mined up, even by Creative mode players. In order to get rid of one, the player must place another block in the same space as the Structure Light.

Structure Lights behave like a lamp in that they emit light at level 15.

When the player holds the Structure Light item, all Structure Light blocks will emit particles.