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Soul Agent
Soul Agent
Health 25 (♥×12.5)
Environment Overworld
Hostility Passive
XP Xp Orb 0
Version added 2.2.5

The Soul Agent was an NPC that randomly spawned in the Overworld. The Soul Agent sold Fragmented Anima Stones for Copper Coins. The Soul Agent, like all other randomly spawning NPCs, can despawn, so it is important for the player to take advantage of its trades as soon as it is spotted.

In 3.2, the Soul Agent as it had been was removed. It was repurposed into the Undead Herald, which has the same appearance, but a different name and purpose.

Trades[ | ]

Item Price
Fragmented Anima Stone Fragmented Anima Stone Copper Coin 25 Copper Coins

Quotes[ | ]

  • "Have you seen my other half?"
  • "Half of me just isn't feeling up to it today."
  • "Do I look okay?"
  • "I think I might have lost some weight."
  • "I just don't feel my full self right now."