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Health 65 (♥×32.5)
Damage 6 (♥×3)
Environment The Haven
XP Xp Orb ?
Version added 2.4

The Sceptron is a mob that spawns in a Fragment Temple in the Haven.

Spawning[ | ]

Sceptrons spawn from spawners in the upper level of a fragment temple. They will despawn if the player gets too far away from them, or if the difficulty is set Peaceful.

Sceptrons can be spawned using /summon nevermine.Sceptron.

Drops[ | ]

Sceptrons have a 3% chance to drop their main drop, a Realmstone Fragment, upon death. They may rarely drop a Fragment Banner, and will commonly drop 4 Copper Coins. None of these items can be increased with the Looting enchantment.

Sceptrons will also drop 3 XP orbs when killed.

Behavior[ | ]

Sceptrons will pursue players that get within 16 blocks of one. They will always float on water, even if their target is beneath them.

Sceptrons have the ability to apply a strong downward gravity effect on players within a 10 block radius. This means the player cannot jump when fighting it. Because of this, it may be impossible to climb into the room they spawn in without slabs or stairs to fight them. The player can also use Ender Pearls, a Pulse Cannon, or a Shyre Staff to teleport up the stairs into the room they spawn in.