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In Tslat 1.1, many biomes were added to various dimensions. They all had originally appeared in the 2.5 Snapshot.

They were removed in 3.0 as they were incomplete. New biomes will be added to dimensions as they are re-added to the latest versions, although they might not have any relation to those on this list.

Image Biome Dimension
Abyssal Shadow Forest Abyssal Shadow Forest The Abyss
Abyssal Eyelands Abyssal Eyelands The Abyss
Alien Forest Alien Forest Barathos
Borean Bubble Forest Borean Bubble Forest L'Borean
Chocolate Forest Chocolate Forest Candyland
Coral Forest Coral Forest L'Borean
Deep Fungal Cave Deep Fungal Cave The Deeplands
Deepshine Cave Deepshine Cave The Deeplands
Dustopian Marsh Dustopian Marsh Dustopia
Dustopian Plains Dustopian Plains Dustopia
Gardencian Fungal Gardencian Fungal Gardencia
Gardencian Marsh Gardencian Marsh Gardencia
Greckon Skulls Greckon Skulls Greckon
Haunted Forest Haunted Forest Greckon
Iro-Tech Hills Iro-Tech Hills Iromine
L'Borean Reds L'Borean Reds L'Borean
Marshmallow Hills Marshmallow Hills Candyland
Precasian Desert Precasian Desert Precasia
Precasian Fields Precasian Fields Precasia
Rock Candy Hills Rock Candy Hills Candyland
Rocky Mazus Rocky Mazus Barathos
Silvro Hills Silvro Hills Iromine
Tall Precasian Forest Tall Precasian Forest Precasia
File:LabriconBiome.png Vox Ponds Labricon