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Portal Blueprints
Abyss Blueprint
Rarity color Common
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 1.0
ID See table

Portal Blueprints were items used to recreate portal structures, which generated throughout dimensions at the time.

These were removed in 2.0 when the portal system changed to use a single Ancient Teleporter Blueprint.

Obtaining[ | ]

Portal Blueprints were obtained as drops from certain mobs. In most cases, these mobs had a significantly lower spawn rate than the others in the dimension. The chances and quantities to get them could not be increased by Looting.

Usage[ | ]

When used, Portal Blueprints generated their portal structure at the user's position. This was done through the same method that generated the portal structures naturally.

However, as part of that method, some portal structures checked for a certain block when generating. As a result, their corresponding blueprints would fail to work if that check did not pass. The position checked for the block was at (x, y - 1, z + 4), where (x, y, z) was the user's position.

Variants[ | ]

Name Structure Mob (drop chance) Notes ID
Abyss Blueprint Abyss Blueprint Abyss Portal Structure Abyss Portal Structure Slimer (50%) Requires Netherrack to work nevermine:AbyssBlueprint
Barathos Blueprint Barathos Blueprint Barathos Portal Structure Barathos Portal Structure Eilosapien (50%) nevermine:BarathosBlueprint
Deeplands Blueprint Deeplands Blueprint Deeplands Portal Structure Deeplands Portal Structure Doubler (50%) nevermine:DeeplandsBlueprint
Dustopia Blueprint Dustopia Blueprint Dustopia Portal Structure Dustopia Portal Structure Stalker Prime (50%) nevermine:DustopiaBlueprint
Gardencia Blueprint Gardencia Blueprint Gardencia Portal Structure Gardencia Portal Structure Sunny (50%) nevermine:GardenciaBlueprint
Greckon Blueprint Greckon Blueprint Portal Tower Portal Tower Silencer (50%) Comes with a Portal Master. The Lands of Runandor Blueprint makes the same structure nevermine:GreckonBlueprint
Haven Blueprint Haven Blueprint Haven Portal Structure Haven Portal Structure Voliant (50%) nevermine:HavenBlueprint
Iromine Blueprint Iromine Blueprint Iromine Portal Structure Iromine Portal Structure Mechachron (50%) nevermine:IromineBlueprint
Lands of Runandor Blueprint Lands of Runandor Blueprint Portal Tower Portal Tower Runicorn Rider (50%) Comes with a Portal Master. The Greckon Blueprint makes the same structure nevermine:RunandorBlueprint
Lunalus Blueprint Lunalus Blueprint Lunalus Portal Structure Lunalus Portal Structure Visulon (50%) nevermine:LunalusBlueprint
L'Borean Blueprint L'Borean Blueprint L'Borean Portal Structure L'Borean Portal Structure Neptuno (50%) nevermine:LboreanBlueprint
Mysterium Blueprint Mysterium Blueprint Mysterium Portal Structure Mysterium Portal Structure Eeo (1.25%) Requires Dirt or Grass Blocks to work nevermine:MysteriumBlueprint
Precasia Blueprint Precasia Blueprint Precasia Portal Structure Precasia Portal Structure Terradon (50%) Requires Stone to work nevermine:PrecasiaBlueprint
Vox Ponds Blueprint Vox Ponds Blueprint Vox Ponds Portal Structure Vox Ponds Portal Structure Exoid (25%) nevermine:VoxPondsBlueprint