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Hauling Armor
Hauling Armor.png
Hauling Helmet.png Hauling Chestplate.png Hauling Leggings.png Hauling Boots.png
Armor Helmet: +4 Armor
Chestplate: +9 Armor
Leggings: +7 Armor
Boots: +6 Armor
Total: +26 Armor
Armor toughness +7 Armor Toughness per piece
+28 Armor Toughness total
Durability Helmet: 715
Chestplate: 1040
Leggings: 975
Boots: 845
Effect Full Set Bonus: Massively increases fishing speed
Rarity color Rare
Stackable No
Version added 2.4.B
ID aoa3:hauling_helmet

Hauling Armor is a special Tier 4 armor set that requires level 100 Hauling to wear, obtained by trading with a Hauling Master.


Hauling armor requires a Hauling level of 100 or higher to wear. The armor pieces will pop off instantly if the player attempts to wear them without being at the required level, unless they're in Creative mode.

Wearing a full set of Hauling armor will decrease the time it takes for a Fishing Rod to catch something. This effect is the equivalent of Lure II, and can stack with the Lure enchantment, up to a max equivalent level of V.

Any XP gained from training Hauling is also increased by 30% when wearing Hauling armor.


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See Armor#Enchanting



Obtained from Level Price Price multiplier Item Stock Profession XP
Hauling Master 1 (Novice) Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin 0.05 Hauling Helmet.png 1 Hauling Helmet 5 150
Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin 0.05 Hauling Chestplate.png 1 Hauling Chestplate 5 150
Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin 0.05 32px 1 Hauling Legs 5 150
Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin 0.05 Hauling Boots.png 1 Hauling Boots 5 150