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Health 3000 (♥×1500)
Damage Easy: 9.5 (♥×4.75)
Normal: 17 (♥×8.5)
Hard: 25.5 (♥×12.75)
Environment Ancient Cavern
Hostility Aggressive
XP Xp Orb 308
Version added 2.0

Goldorth is one of the bosses of the Ancient Cavern. Goldorth can be challenged by using a Pluton Shrine with 70 Foraging levels and a full Pluton Tribute bar.

Behavior[ | ]

Goldorth is immune to knockback and will pursue the player to attack with melee.

Drops[ | ]

Unique drops
Item Quantity Chance Notes
Nothing - 99.5%
Rare Table - 0.5% Chance is increased with each level of luck and/or looting.
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Will only roll if the entity is killed directly by a player.
Nothing - 11.6% Chance is decreased with each level of luck and/or looting.
Silver Coin Silver Coin 1-5 8.1%
Life Rune Life Rune 3-18 8.1%
Power Rune Power Rune 3-18 8.1%
Ivory Ivory 2-5 7.9%
Magic Repair Dust Magic Repair Dust 1-3 6.9%
Glaring Power Stone Glaring Power Stone 1-3 6.7%
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 4-16 6.0%
Torn Cloth Torn Cloth 2-5 5.6%
Diamond Diamond 2-8 5.3%
Small Skill Crystal Small Skill Crystal 1-4 5.1%
Armour Plating Armour Plating 1-3 4.9%
Ghast Tear Ghast Tear 1-3 4.4%
Golden Apple Golden Apple 1 3.9%
Sapphire Sapphire 1-4 3.9%
Gold Coin Gold Coin 1-2 3.5%
The above pool is rolled 1-2 times, with an additional roll per point of Luck
Nothing - 65.8% Chance is decreased with each level of luck and/or looting.
Pluton Stickler Pluton Stickler 1 18.4%
Pluton Scythe Pluton Scythe 1 12.5%
Pluton Banner Pluton Banner 1 3.3%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
File:Goldorth Trophy.png Goldorth Trophy 1 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time

Related Advancements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement challenge bgTrophy Gold Digger Defeat Goldorth, champion of Pluton See description Challenger's Arena aoa3:ancientcavern/gold_digger No