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Health 50 (♥×25)
Damage 4 (♥×2)
Environment The Abyss, Fragment Temple
XP Xp Orb ?
ID nevermine.Fade
Version added 2.4

The Fade is a mob that spawns in the Abyss Fragment Temple.

Spawning[ | ]

Fades spawn from spawners in the upper room of the fragment temples in the Abyss.

Behavior[ | ]

Fades will pursue players that come within 16 blocks of one.

Fades will inflict the Wither III debuff for 3 seconds upon hitting the player.

Fades have the ability to clone themselves when attacked. Every time the player attacks a Fade, there is a 1 in 4 chance (25%) the Fade will clone. A fade will not clone if there are more than 5 fades in a 10 block radius around it.

Drops[ | ]

Fades have a 3% chance to drop their main drop, a Realmstone Fragment, upon death. They will commonly drop a Fragment Banner, and 4 Copper Coins. None of these items can be increased with the Looting enchantment.

Item Drops Quantity Rate
Copper Coin Copper Coin 3-4 100%
Fragment Banner Fragment Banner 1 25%
Realmstone Fragment 4 Realmstone Fragment 1 3%