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Extraction Device
Extraction Device
Hardness 5
Blast resistance 10
Transparent No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
Version added 2.4

The Extraction Device is used to train the Extraction skill.

Obtaining[ | ]

Extraction Devices can be mined with a pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, they will drop nothing.

Crafting[ | ]

Name Ingredients Recipe
Extraction Device 6 Stone Bricks + 1 Glass + Iron Trapdoor + Hopper
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Iron Trapdoor
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
Extraction Device

Usage[ | ]

Extraction devices are used to train Extraction. They need an empty space underneath to function.

First, the extraction device must be filled with lava by placing lava on top of it. An example of what this should look like can be seen in the picture (right). Once the device is filled, either a stone bowl or diamond bowl must be used on the filled device to extract an item from it.

Extraction Trainer

How to train Extraction.

Once the bowl is used on the device, a block of obsidian will appear under the device. This must be removed to use the device again without moving it.

With each usage of the device, there is a chance to acquire an item. This goes directly into the inventory unless it has no room. There is also a chance to receive nothing. As the player's extraction level increases, more types of items are unlocked, and the chance to receive nothing decreases.

Rewards[ | ]

Chance to obtain experience[ | ]

An initial check is run before picking rewards. This check is Random number >= ((102 - extraction level) / 6)^1.34. The random number is an integer between 0 and 99 (inclusive).

If this check fails, neither items nor experience are granted.

Chance to obtain specific items[ | ]

Once the experience check completes, a loot table is rolled to determine the reward item. As the player's Extraction level increases, the number of different items available also increase. All of these options have the same weight, and thus have the same chance of being selected, with one exception. As a result, an increase in level results in a decrease in the chance to obtain any given item.

There is still a chance to get no items, although unlike when the first check fails, getting no items here will still give experience.

Item Level Requirement Quantity Notes
Nothing Lv1 N/A This will still give experience
Coal Coal Lv1 1-4
Flint Flint Lv1 1-4
Arrow Arrow Lv5 3-9
Blaze Powder Blaze Powder Lv10 1-4
Limonite Ingot Limonite Ingot Lv15 1-3
Bone Bone Lv20 3-10
Silver Coin Silver Coin Lv25 1-2
Emerald Emerald Lv30 1
Bottle o' Enchanting Bottle o' Enchanting Lv35 1-5
Rosite Ingot Rosite Ingot Lv40 1
Blaze Rod Blaze Rod Lv45 1-4
Limonite Bullet Limonite Bullet Lv50 1-32
Black Dye Black Dye Lv55 1-10
Fragmented Anima Stone Fragmented Anima Stone Lv60 1-4
Magma Cream Magma Cream Lv65 2-6
Grenade Grenade Lv70 1-8
Diamond Diamond Lv75 1-2
Gem Bag Gem Bag Lv80 1-2
Shiny Box Shiny Box Lv85 1-2
Gold Coin Gold Coin Lv90 1
Magic Repair Dust Magic Repair Dust Lv95 1
Occult Shovel Occult Shovel Lv95 1 Has 1/10 the weight of the other items

Experience[ | ]

Extraction experience is granted whenever the experience check succeeds. All loot options (including the one that doesn't reward any items) give the same experience, which increases as the player levels up.

Experience is calculated with the formula XP until next level / special value, with the special value being set in the code. Below is the list of special values placed in the denominator, based on levels:

Level Special value
1-2 5
3-8 10
9-16 20
17-25 35
26-40 60
41-60 90
61-75 150
76-98 300
99-100 500

The following graph represents the xp required to level up extraction.

Extraction Graph