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This page documents feature(s) that are no longer part of the mod.
These features only existed in outdated versions of Advent of Ascension.
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Expedition was a skill that is trained by sprinting. It was removed in 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha.


Expedition levels are gained when the player is sprinting. Expedition xp is given every 4 seconds the player is sprinting. The amount of xp given increases as the player levels up.

Training expedition grants the player the following two things:

Fall damage reduction[]

When the player's Expedition level is greater than 10, any fall damage they take will be reduced by a decimal multiplier. The reduction grows the higher the player's level gets. This fall damage reduction is very useful for exploring dimensions with several cliffs and overhangs such as Crystevia or Greckon. The fall damage multipliers are:

Level 0 - 1.00 (full damage or 100%)

Level 10 - 0.95

Level 20 - 0.9

Level 30 - 0.85

Level 40 - 0.8

Level 50 - 0.7

Level 60 - 0.6

Level 70 - 0.5

Level 80 - 0.4

Level 90 - 0.3

Expedition Modifiers[]

Training Expedition allows the player to receive short bonuses while sprinting, called "modifiers". The player is able to choose between one of three modifiers to receive, or no modifier at all. The player will know which modifier is currently selected by the icon on the top-right corner of the Expedition skill icon. Modifiers can be changed by right-clicking on the modifier icon on the Expedition icon:

Expedition Wind.png - A short speed boost, paired with the chat message "You feel the wind carry you beneath your feet". This will not trigger if the player already has the Speed status effect.

Expedition Hunger.png - Grants 3 hunger and 0.3 saturation, paired by "You feel nourished as you exercise".

Expedition Breathe.png - Grants water breathing, paired by "You feel your lungs fill up with air".

The speed boost and hunger re-fillment modifiers have an (Expedition level)/110 chance to trigger for every 600 ticks (30 seconds) that the player is sprinting. The water breathing modifier has an (Expedition level)/110 chance to trigger for every 500 ticks (25 seconds) that the player is sprinting. No modifier will be given to the player if the no modifier option is selected. Levels above 100 will have the same chances to trigger an effect as level 100.

Once the player reaches level 100, the player can wear the Expedition Armor.