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Creation (Skill)
Creation Skill Icon.png
Version added 2.0

Creation is a skill centering around the summoning of minions using Creation (resource).


Creation is gained by using Minion Slabs on a Creation Forge. It allows you to use stronger and better minions as you get higher levels. The levels required for summoning a specific minion is written in the tool tip of its respective slab.

The levels required to summon the minions are:

Minion Level Requirement to Summon
Penguin, Draggy Lv 1
Compeer Lv 10
Waggy Lv 15
Spraggy Lv 30
Plateosaur Lv 33
Spikeback Lv 35
Craggy, Hellquin Lv 45
Horntail Lv 54
Rammerhorn Lv 59
Shaddy Lv 60
Corby Lv 63
Gnawer Lv 68
Ender Carrier, Blissard Lv 70
Goofer Lv 74
Mecha Cyclops Lv 78
Alluricorn Lv 81
Construct of Servility Lv 83
Healing Golem Lv 90
Mecha Skellox Lv 92

The levels required to use certain slabs on the creation forge to increase creation level are:

Penguin Slab Penguin Slab.png Lv 1, 9xp
Draggy Slab Draggy Slab.png Lv 1, 20xp
Compeer Slab Compeer Slab.png Lv 10, 40xp
Waggy Slab Waggy Slab.png Lv 15, 50xp
Spikeback Slab Spikeback Slab.png Lv 16, 120xp
Rammerhorn Slab Rammerhorn Slab.png Lv 27, 200xp
Spraggy Slab Spraggy Slab.png Lv 30, 200xp
Plateosaur Slab Plateosaur Slab.png Lv 33, 250xp
Craggy Slab Craggy Slab.png Lv 45, 400xp
Hellquin Slab Hellquin Slab.png Lv 45, 500xp
Horntail Slab Horntail Slab.png Lv 54, 2000xp
Shaddy Slab Shaddy Slab.png Lv 60, 850xp
Gnawer Slab Gnawer Slab.png Lv 60, 2000xp
Corby Slab Corby Slab.png Lv 63, 3000xp
Ender Carrier Slab Ender Carrier Slab.png Lv 70, 1000xp
Blissard Slab Blissard Slab.png Lv 70, 2500xp
Goofer Slab Goofer Slab.png Lv 74, 500xp
Mecha Cyclops Slab Mecha Cyclops Slab.png Lv 78, 4500xp
Alluricorn Slab Alluricorn Slab.png Lv 80, 4000xp
Construct of Servility Slab Construct of Servility Slab.png Lv 83, 3000xp
Healing Golem Slab Healing Golem Slab.png Lv 90, 4000xp
Mecha Skellox Slab Mecha Skellox Slab.png Lv 92, 8000xp

Once the player reaches level 100, the player can wear the Creation Armor.