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This page documents feature(s) that are no longer part of the mod.
These features only existed in outdated versions of Advent of Ascension.
Removed features
Calefaction Icon.png
Version added 2.1

Calefaction was a skill themed around getting critical hits. It was removed in 2.4 and was replaced by Extraction and Butchery.


Calefaction levels could be gained by smelting items in a furnace. While standard smelting would still yield experience, smelting ores yielded a considerably larger amount of experience. When your Vitality resource bar was high enough, it gave the player a crit chance depending on the level. The critical damage stacked with vanilla Minecraft critical hits, and while it normally only affected melee weapons, ranged weapons could be given the critical chance if the player wore the Calefaction Armor. The critical chance and damage for levels were:

Level Percentage Chance Damage
Lvl 1 2% 130%
Lvl 5 4% 130%
Lvl 10 4% 140%
Lvl 17 5% 140%
Lvl 25 5% 150%
Lvl 35 7.5% 150%
Lvl 45 10% 150%
Lvl 55 10% 160%
Lvl 65 12.5% 160%
Lvl 75 12.5% 170%
Lvl 80 16.6% 170%
Lvl 85 20% 170%
Lvl 90 25% 170%
Lvl 95 25% 180%