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This page documents feature(s) that are no longer part of the mod.
These features only existed in outdated versions of Advent of Ascension.
Anima Icon.png

Anima was a skill that allows the usage of Tablets. It along with allowing use of higher tablets at higher level. It was removed in 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha.


Anima levels are gained by collecting Anima Stone.png Anima Stones or using Fragmented Anima Stone.png Fragmented Anima Stones. Anima stones have a 10% chance to drop when breaking a plant or from leaves.

Anima decreases tablet cost by 0.5% per level up to level 100 of Anima.

Training the Anima skill will allow the player to place tablets into the world. The level of Anima needed to place a specific tablet differs with each tablet:

Tablet Level req
Tablet of Sight.png Tablet of Sight 1
Tablet of Satiation.png Tablet of Satiation 3
Tablet of Oxygen.png Tablet of Oxygen 6
Tablet of Gravity.png Tablet of Gravity 11
Tablet of Cleansing.png Tablet of Cleansing 16
Tablet of Agility.png Tablet of Agility 17
Tablet of Awareness.png Tablet of Awareness 23
Tablet of Breeding.png Tablet of Breeding 29
Tablet of Energy.png Tablet of Energy 37
Tablet of Resistance.png Tablet of Resistance 45
Tablet of Proficiency.png Tablet of Proficiency 56
Tablet of Distortion.png Tablet of Distortion 64
Tablet of Pressure.png Tablet of Pressure 71
Tablet of Sanctity.png Tablet of Sanctity 77
Tablet of Strength.png Tablet of Strength 85
Tablet of Vitality.png Tablet of Vitality 91
Tablet of Untiring.png Tablet of Untiring 97

In addition, the player gains the ability to wear the Anima Armor upon reaching level 100.