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Ancient Cavern
Ancient Cavern
Prerequisite dimension Crystevia
Tier 3
Realmstone Ancient Cavern Realmstone
Text You feel a feeling, you've never felt before.
Version 2.0

The Ancient Cavern was a structure dimension tied to the four deities.

Reasons for removal[ | ]

The Ancient Cavern and Immortallis were removed because the developer did not want to have multiple structure dimensions, instead favoring a single one with multiple different functions. This was at least partly for technical reasons. There were also noted quality issues with both. Furthermore, they may also have been removed due to their reliance on Tribute and the god factions, both of which were later removed themselves.

As such, they were ultimately succeeded by Nowhere, a much larger structure dimension, which also features bosses fought in indestructible arenas.

Overview[ | ]

Unlike its name would suggest, the Ancient Cavern was less of a cavern and more of a temple structure that floated in the void.

It had a main room that spawned four different mobs, with each representing a god through a dimension they controlled. It also had separate outer chambers that housed each god's "champion", a boss that dropped items themed around said god and required level 70 in a specific skill (in addition to level 70 in Augury before 3.2) in order to fight. The bosses also required a full Tribute bar for the respective god to challenge; this could be obtained by killing enough of the representative mob in the main room.

Blocks could not be placed in the Ancient Cavern, with torches being the only exception. Attempting to do so would trigger a message saying,"A magical force prevents you from placing the block.", and prevent the block from being placed. This includes usage of Flint and Steel and buckets.

Mobs in the main room did not drop items, except for Copper Coins.


The Ancient Cavern Realmstone Realmstone for the Ancient Cavern was obtained in Crystevia by defeating 5 different Crystevia Constructs in 30 seconds.

Generation[ | ]

The Ancient Cavern is a large temple with fixed generation. The player spawns in the main room, which has spawners for the mobs Angelica, Bloodsucker, Flower Face, and Rock Critter. Unlike in the other dimensions, the return portal does not generate where the player spawns, but rather attached to the formation in the middle of the room.

Four hallways with shrines extend from the main room. These can be used to teleport to special chambers where the player can fight the Bosses Coniferon, Penumbra, Horon, and Goldorth. The shrines can only be used if the player has reached level 70 in a specific skill and has a full tribute bar for the corresponding god.

The temple itself (as well as the four boss rooms) float above the void, although it cannot be reached because the Ancient Tiles that make up the temple are indestructible.

Blocks[ | ]

Naturally generating
Ancient Vines Ancient Vines
Generates in structures
Ancient Tiles Ancient Tiles
Ancient Lamp Ancient Lamp
Selyan Shrine Selyan Shrine
Luxon Shrine Luxon Shrine
Erebon Shrine Erebon Shrine
Pluton Shrine Pluton Shrine
Ancient Glass Ancient Glass
Iron Bars Iron Bars
Limonite Ivory Limonite Ivory
Lava Lava
Jungle Wood Jungle Wood
Jungle Leaves Jungle Leaves

Mobs[ | ]

The Ancient Cavern has four mobs, all of which spawn from spawners in the main room.

Hostile[ | ]

Name Spawning Requirement
Angelica Angelica Spawns from a spawner.
Bloodsucker Bloodsucker Spawns from a spawner.
Flowerface Flowerface Spawns from a spawner.
Rock Critter Rock Critter Spawns from a spawner.

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses[ | ]

Name Spawning Requirement
Coniferon Coniferon Spawned by having level 70 Infusion and a full Selyan tribute bar then right-clicking the Selyan Shrine Selyan Shrine.
Horon Horon Spawned by having level 70 Runation and a full Luxon tribute bar then right-clicking the Luxon Shrine Luxon Shrine.
Goldorth Goldorth Spawned by having level 70 Foraging and a full Pluton tribute bar then right-clicking the Pluton Shrine Pluton Shrine.
Penumbra Penumbra Spawned by having level 70 Hunter and a full Erebon tribute bar then right-clicking the Erebon Shrine Erebon Shrine.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Related Advancements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Challenger's Arena Visit the Ancient Cavern See description aoa3:ancientcavern/root No