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Pressure Plate
Hardness 2
Blast resistance 3
Transparent None
Luminance None
Flammable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Axe
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
ID See #List of Pressure Plates
Version added See #List of Pressure Plates

Pressure Plates are blocks in Minecraft that can emit a redstone signal when stepped on.

Advent of Ascension adds 14 different pressure plates, one for each variant of wood planks.

Overview[ | ]

Obtaining[ | ]

All wooden pressure plates can be mined with any tool, but an axe is the fastest.

Crafting[ | ]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Pressure Plate 2 Wood Planks
Runic Planks
Runic Planks
Runic Pressure Plate

Usage[ | ]

Pressure Plates in the mod function the same way as they do in vanilla Minecraft.

List of Pressure Plates[ | ]

Pressure Plate Name Made of Notes ID Version added
Achony Pressure Plate Achony Pressure Plate Achony Planks Achony Planks aoa3:achony_pressure_plate 3.4
Bloodwood Pressure Plate Bloodwood Pressure Plate Bloodwood Planks Bloodwood Planks aoa3:bloodwood_pressure_plate 3.4
Churry Pressure Plate Churry Pressure Plate Churry Planks Churry Planks aoa3:churry_pressure_plate 3.4
Creep Pressure Plate Creep Pressure Plate Creep Planks Creep Planks aoa3:creep_pressure_plate 3.4
Dawnwood Pressure Plate Dawnwood Pressure Plate Dawnwood Planks Dawnwood Planks aoa3:dawnwood_pressure_plate 3.4
Hauntedwood Pressure Plate Hauntedwood Pressure Plate Hauntedwood Planks Hauntedwood Planks aoa3:hauntedwood_pressure_plate 3.4
Irowood Pressure Plate Irowood Pressure Plate Irowood Planks Irowood Planks aoa3:irowood_pressure_plate 3.4
Lucalus Pressure Plate Lucalus Pressure Plate Lucalus Planks Lucalus Planks aoa3:lucalus_pressure_plate 3.4
Lunide Pressure Plate Lunide Pressure Plate Lunide Planks Lunide Planks Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:lunide_pressure_plate 3.4
Runic Pressure Plate Runic Pressure Plate Runic Planks Runic Planks aoa3:runic_pressure_plate 3.4
Shadow Pressure Plate Shadow Pressure Plate Shadow Planks Shadow Planks aoa3:shadow_pressure_plate 3.4
Shyre Pressure Plate Shyre Pressure Plate Shyre Planks Shyre Planks Generates naturally in: Temple of the Sun aoa3:shyre_pressure_plate 3.4
Stranglewood Pressure Plate Stranglewood Pressure Plate Stranglewood Planks Stranglewood Planks aoa3:stranglewood_pressure_plate 3.4
Toxicwood Pressure Plate Toxicwood Pressure Plate Toxicwood Planks Toxicwood Planks aoa3:toxicwood_pressure_plate 3.4