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Hardness -1.0
Blast resistance 1.0E9
Transparent Yes
Luminance 11
Flammable No
Stackable N/A
Tool N/A
Harvest level N/A
Rarity color N/A
ID aoa3:nowhere_activity_portal
Version added 3.5

Portal blocks are used to teleport between the different rooms in Nowhere.

Obtaining[ | ]

Portal cannot be obtained by any means. It does not have an item form, so it cannot be obtained in the inventory, even with creative mode or /give. However, it can be placed with /setblock.

Outside of Nowhere, a Portal can be broken, though in Nowhere the Portal cannot be broken due to blocks not being breakable inside Nowhere.

Natural generation[ | ]

Portals can be found in the different rooms in Nowhere.

The Nowhere Hub contains four sets of Portals that teleport the player to different locations. One set goes to the Nowhere Parkour Lobby, one goes to the Nowhere Boss Lobby, one goes to the Nowhere Utility Lobby, and the fourth simply teleports the player to the center of the room. In each of the three aforementioned lobbies, there is a Portal that teleports the player to the Nowhere Hub. In the Nowhere Parkour Lobby, there are six additional sets of Portals, which teleport the player to a random parkour course of a specific difficulty (one set of Portals per difficulty).

Each parkour course has a set of Portals at the end that teleport the player to the Nowhere Hub.

Usage[ | ]

Teleport[ | ]

When the player touches a Portal, the player is instantly teleported to another room in the Nowhere dimension. Only players can use the Portal; mobs cannot teleport through Portals. Portals only work if placed in the Nowhere dimension; Portals taken out of Nowhere will not function even if set to the right block state.

The player can tell which Portal goes where by looking at the "activity" block state of the Portal (visible on the F3 screen when facing a Portal block). Alternatively, the player can guess where a Portal goes by using the color of particle it emits, and by using its current location (e.g.: which room its in). The table below maps the particle color and activity block state to the Portal's destination.

Activity Particle color Destination Notes
bosses Red Nowhere Boss Lobby
dungeon Purple Nowhere Hub
parkour Blue Nowhere Parkour Lobby Entering this Portal will temporarily clear the player's inventory of all items.
parkour_1 Purple Any tier 1 parkour course
parkour_2 Blue Does not teleport the player anywhere
parkour_3 Yellow-Green Any tier 3 parkour course
parkour_4 Light Orange Any tier 4 parkour course
parkour_5 Orange Does not teleport the player anywhere
parkour_6 Red Any tier 6 parkour course
return White Nowhere Hub If the player had entered the parkour Portal first, entering this Portal will restore the player's cleared items.
utility Green Nowhere Utility Lobby

Light[ | ]

Portal emits a light level of 11.

Block states[ | ]

State Allowed values Description
activity PARKOUR
Determines the destination of the Portal.
axis x
Determines the axis that the long side of the Portal is perpendicular to.

Tags[ | ]

Portal has the following tags:

Block tags:[ | ]

  • minecraft:portals