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This page contains content on features that may be included in a future update.
These features have been mentioned by a mod developer on the official discord server, but have not been officially released yet.
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The following page documents all of the planned features in the mod. These are features that have been discussed by a mod developer that will be added in a future update.

Note that the following page documents content that is has been mentioned by Scimiguy that is most likely going to happen. Teasers on this page that don't have a version number as a part of their source are automatically implied to be for the next major update.[1]

Update plans[edit | edit source]

Future updates, if any, are currently laid out like so:[2]

  • Skill Update.
  • A worldgen update, overhauling the dimensions.[3]
  • Likely a boss update.

Skill Update[edit | edit source]

An update for reworking skills in the mod. [4]

A design document and poll have been posted in order to determine how much reworking should be done. The document can be viewed here: [1]. The poll is accessible from the design document.

Other plans[edit | edit source]

Themed-Updates[edit | edit source]

Following the release of 3.0, the developer has mentioned possibly releasing themed-updates, such as a "mob updates", focusing on mobs, and a "skills update", focusing on skills.[5]

Planned changes[edit | edit source]

Ambient sound tracks are being planned for the dimensions.[6]

More particle types.[7]

References[edit | edit source]