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Paravite Hive (structure)
Paravite Hive (structure).png
Structure Type Dungeon
Biome Lelyetia
Consists of Paravite Hive.png Paravite Hive
Churry Log.png Churry Log
Monster Spawner
Version Added 2.0

This article is about the structure. For the block with the same name, see Paravite Hive.

The Paravite Hive is a dungeon from the Lelyetia.


Paravite Hives generate uncommonly on the underside of the Lelyetia.


The Paravite Hive is a square structure composed entirely of Paravite Hive blocks. The structure is attached to the Lelyetia ceiling, by a stem made of Churry Wood. Inside the structure exists a spawner that spawns Paravites.

It is possible for trees to generate inside the hive.