Opteryx Nest

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Opteryx Nest
Opteryx Nest.png
Biome N/A
Consists of Cycade Log.png Cycade Log
Stranglewood Log.png Stranglewood Log
Lucalus Log.png Lucalus Log
Mob Spawners
Version added 2.3
ID OpteryxNest

Opteryx Nests are structures that spawn in Precasia.

Generation[edit | edit source]

Opteryx Nests have a 1 in 300 chance to generate in the trees of Precasia. Only one Opteryx Nest can generate per chunk.

They will only generate specifically in the Precasia dimension. Opteryx Nests will not generate in superflat worlds with the biome set to Precasia.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Opteryx Nests are small structures made out of Stranglewood logs, Cycade Logs, and Lucalus Logs, in the shape of a nest. A single spawner that spawns Opteryx appears in the center.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Hostile mobs[edit | edit source]


Loot[edit | edit source]

The following can only be obtained from the mobs in this structure

Obtained from
Opteryx Feather.png Opteryx Feather Opteryx

Configuration[edit | edit source]

The player is able to configure the generation rate of Opteryx Nest in the mod's config file. By default the gen rate is set to 300.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
2.3 Added Opteryx Nest.
3.0 Can now be configured in the mod's config.
Can now be spawned using the aoastructure or aoastructures command.