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Nowhere Boss Lobby
Nowhere Boss Lobby
Version added 1.19-3.6.8
ID aoa3:nowhere_boss_lobby

The Nowhere Boss Lobby is a room in the Nowhere dimension.

Accessing Nowhere Boss Lobby[ | ]

The Nowhere Boss Lobby can be accessed by taking the portal labelled "Strength" with the red particles in the Nowhere Hub.

Boss token items (Troll Idol, etc.) can also teleport the player to the Nowhere Boss Lobby if they have accessed the Nowhere Hub at least once.

Hunger Stasis[ | ]

If a player enters the Nowhere Boss Lobby with a boss token item, their hunger will be placed into a 'stasis'. In this state, hunger will not go down, but can still go up by eating food.

This stasis will go away if the player initiates a boss fight, exits the Nowhere Disabled Boss Lobby, or once 2 minutes pass.

Generation[ | ]

A single Nowhere Boss Lobby generates in Nowhere at X = ?, Y = ?, and Z = ?. Thus there is only one Nowhere Boss Lobby structure present in the entire game.

Structure[ | ]

Nowhere Boss Lobby Interior

The Nowhere Boss Lobby's interior.

The Nowhere Boss Lobby is a large rectangular structure. The walls of the structure are made of Black Stained Glass, and the floor and ceiling are made of archaic blocks. There is a layer of Dimensional Fabric above the ceiling and below the floor.

Lining the long sides of the room on both sides are massive pillars (made of archaic blocks) and massive lava fountains. Between the two sets of pillars/fountains are two platforms that are connected by a red carpet. One platform contains a portal that will return the player to the Nowhere Hub when entered. The other platform contains a Boss Altar.

Lining both sides of the red carpet are pedestals with Ornate Trophies on top. The Ornate Trophies are not displaying anything. A single Ender Chest is present near the exit portal.

Structure pieces[ | ]

Structure piece Description Contents Image
aoa3:nowhere/boss/lobby Size: 35x34x47 Archaic Light Archaic Light
Archaic Tile Archaic Tile
Archaic Tile (Small) Archaic Tile (Small)
Archaic Tile Node Archaic Tile Node
Archaic Tile Stairs Archaic Tile Stairs
Archaic Tile Stream Archaic Tile Stream
Black Stained Glass Black Stained Glass
Blackstone Wall Blackstone Wall
Boss Altar Boss Altar
Cobbled Deepslate Cobbled Deepslate
Cobbled Deepslate Wall Cobbled Deepslate Wall
Deepslate Brick Wall Deepslate Brick Wall
Dimensional Fabric Dimensional Fabric
Ender Chest Ender Chest
Irowood Button Irowood Button
Lava Lava
Ornate Trophy Ornate Trophy
Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs
Polished Blackstone Bricks Polished Blackstone Bricks
Polished Blackstone Slab Polished Blackstone Slab
Polished Deepslate Polished Deepslate
Polished Deepslate Stairs Polished Deepslate Stairs
Portal Portal
Quartz Pillar Quartz Pillar
Red Carpet Red Carpet
Nowhere Boss Lobby

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