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Prerequisite dimension Overworld
Tier Untiered
Realmstone Nowhere Realmstone.gif
Version 3.5

Nowhere is an unfinished structure dimension consisting of a single room floating in the void.


Nowhere is officially considered untiered as per the tiering system. It is currently the only dimension to be treated this way.


Nowhere can be accessed by using the Nowhere Realmstone.gif Nowhere Realmstone on a Carved rune of power in a constructed portal frame.

The Nowhere Realmstone can be obtained through the following recipe:

Item Ingredients Recipe
Nowhere Realmstone 1 Enchanted Golden Apple +
1 End Crystal +
1 Beacon +
1 Blank Realmstone
Enchanted Golden Apple
End Crystal
Blank Realmstone
Nowhere Realmstone


The player is not able to interact with beds nor respawn anchors in survival mode if one is placed in creative. Attempting to use these blocks in creative will cause them both to explode (the latter if it is completely charged up). There is no day/night cycle in the dimension; clocks spin and maps are unusable (the player icon on the map doesn't spin but the map renders as if the player were in a cave dimension).

General dimension properties[]

Property Value
ultrawarm false
natural false
coordinate_scale 1.0
has_skylight false
has_ceiling true
ambient_light 0.0
fixed_time 6000
piglin_safe true
bed_works false
respawn_anchor_works false
has_raids false
logical_height 0
infiniburn minecraft:infiniburn_overworld
effects aoa3:plain_sky

Special properties[]

In survival mode, the player cannot place any blocks nor break most blocks inside Nowhere, no matter what. Lone portals are some, if not the only lone exception - if the player places a single portal block in creative and switches to survival mode, the player can punch and remove the portal block.

Many other right click actions, such as placing armor stands, or opening chests, does not work in Nowhere, with the following exceptions:

  • Placing a music disc in a Jukebox. When a music disc is used, the disc is not removed from the player's inventory, but the music still plays. Attempting to remove the disc from the Jukebox fails, meaning the player cannot duplicate the disc. A music disc placed in creative mode can be retrieved.
  • Placing food items on a Soul Campfire.
  • Opening an ender chest.
  • Placing Tablets or a Lotto Totem.

Ender Pearls do not work in Nowhere. Attempting to throw one will not teleport the player when it lands.

If the player leaves the dimension through a portal, any Return Crystals or Progress Tokens are removed from the player's inventory. Leaving by dying will not remove these items.

The doFireTick, mobGriefing, destructiveWeaponPhysics, and doStrongerMobGriefing gamerules are set to false whenever the player enters the dimension.

Non-player and non-tameable mobs will not drop any items if defeated while in Nowhere.


Nowhere is an endless void with a single floating dome-shaped room in it. The floor of this room is made of Archaic Tiles and its decorative variants, while the ceiling is made of black stained glass. The room generates with Dimensional Fabric underneath it.

A return portal generates inside a dark oak tree on one side of the dome, while a different type of portal generates on the other side. The latter is currently non-functional, and simply teleports the player to the center of the room when touched.

Various decorative and utility blocks are present within the room, such as lamps, soul campfires, end rods, and trophies displaying vanilla projectiles. These cannot be harvested, as blocks cannot be placed or broken inside of Nowhere.


Naturally generating
Generates in structures
Archaic Glass.png Archaic Glass
Archaic Light.png Archaic Light
Archaic Rectangles.png Archaic Rectangles
Archaic Squares.png Archaic Squares
32px Archaic Stream
32px Archaic Stream
Archaic Tiles.png Archaic Tiles
Black Stained Glass.png Black Stained Glass
Block of Quartz.png Block of Quartz
Chiseled Quartz Block.png Chiseled Quartz Block
32px Cornflower
Dark Oak Leaves.png Dark Oak Leaves
Dark Oak Log.png Dark Oak Log
Dark Oak Planks.png Dark Oak Planks
Dimensional Fabric.png Dimensional Fabric
End Rod.png End Rod
Gold Trophy.png Gold Fireball Trophy
Grass.png Grass
Grass Block.png Grass Block
Green Glowshroom.png Green Glowshroom
Iron Bars.png Iron Bars
32px Ivory Limonite Lamp
Jukebox.png Jukebox
Nowhere Portal.gif Nowhere Portal
32px Oak Sign
Oak Stairs.png Oak Stairs
32px Orange Tulip
Ornate Trophy.png Ornate Dragon Fireball Trophy
32px Oxeye Daisy
32px Portal
Purple Glowshroom.png Purple Glowshroom
Quartz Bricks.png Quartz Bricks
Quartz Pillar.png Quartz Pillar
Red Carpet.png Red Carpet
Rosite Lamp.png Rosite Lamp
Trophy.png Shulker Bullet Trophy
Shyre Fence.png Shyre Fence
32px Soul Campfire
Yellow Stained-Glass Lamp.png Yellow Stained-Glass Lamp


There are no mobs found in Nowhere.

Related Advancements[]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngNowhere Portal.gif Middle of Nowhere Visit Nowhere See description aoa3:nowhere/root No


Version Information
3.5 Added Nowhere.