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Prerequisite dimension N/A
Tier Tierless
Realmstone Nowhere Realmstone
Version 3.5

Nowhere is a work-in-progress structure dimension consisting of multiple rooms floating in the void.

Overview[ | ]

Nowhere is officially considered 'tierless' as per the tiering system. It is currently the only dimension to be treated this way.

Accessing[ | ]

There are multiple ways of accessing the Nowhere dimension; each access method leads to a different 'piece' of Nowhere.

Nowhere can be accessed by using the Nowhere Realmstone Nowhere Realmstone on a Carved Rune of Power in a constructed portal frame. This access method will lead to the Nowhere Hub.

The Nowhere Realmstone can be obtained through the following recipe:

Item Ingredients Recipe
Nowhere Realmstone 1 forge:shulker_boxes (Tag) +
1 Nether Star +
1 Void Scales +
1 Recovery Compass +
1 Redstone Lamp +
1 Blank Realmstone
Shulker Box
Nether Star
Void Scales
Recovery Compass
Redstone Lamp
Blank Realmstone
Nowhere Realmstone

Nowhere can also be accessed by holding any boss token item, and holding down right-click for 3 seconds. This access method will lead to the Nowhere Disabled Boss Lobby, and can be used to access boss fights. If the player has previously entered Nowhere using a Realmstone then this method will bring the player to the Nowhere Boss Lobby instead.

Properties[ | ]

The player is not able to interact with beds nor respawn anchors in survival mode if one is placed in creative. Attempting to use these blocks in creative will cause them both to explode (the latter if it is completely charged up). There is no day/night cycle in the dimension and clocks spin.

General dimension properties[ | ]

Property Value
ultrawarm false
natural false
coordinate_scale 1.0
has_skylight false
has_ceiling true
ambient_light 0.0
fixed_time 6000
piglin_safe true
bed_works false
respawn_anchor_works false
has_raids false
logical_height 0
infiniburn minecraft:infiniburn_overworld
effects aoa3:plain_sky

Special properties[ | ]

In survival mode, the player cannot place or break blocks inside Nowhere.

Most other right-click actions (such as opening chests and placing armor stands) do not work in Nowhere, with the following exceptions:

  • Placing a music disc in a Jukebox. When a music disc is used, the disc is not removed from the player's inventory, but the music still plays. Attempting to remove the disc from the Jukebox fails, meaning the player cannot duplicate the disc. A music disc placed in creative mode can be retrieved.
  • Using any block tagged with aoa3:nowhere_safe_gui_block. A list of these can be viewed here. All of these can be found in the Nowhere Utility Lobby.
  • Using a Cauldron or a Tea Sink. They will refill themselves once used.
  • Placing a Lotto Totem.

The player cannot remove item frames by hand, place items inside them, or rotate items in preexisting item frames. Item frames can be destroyed through other means (e.g.: shooting one with a bow). The player can destroy paintings by hand like they could normally. Armor stands cannot be destroyed by hand, but the player can put armor onto them and take armor off.

Teleportation items like Ender Pearls and Chorus Fruits do not work in Nowhere. They can be used, but their teleportation effects will fail.

The player cannot fly with an Elytra while in Nowhere.

If the player leaves the dimension through a portal, any Return Crystals are removed from the player's inventory.

The doFireTick, mobGriefing, and destructiveWeaponPhysics gamerules are set to false whenever the player enters the dimension.

Creatures killed in nowhere will not drop any items on death, with the exception of bosses killed in the boss arenas, and player's tamed pets or minions.

Any xp gained for Skills are halved while in Nowhere.

Dying in Nowhere[ | ]

If a player dies in Nowhere, the normal death screen will not pop up. Instead, they are instantly teleported to the last set Checkpoint, or the Nowhere Hub if no Checkpoints were set.

Dying in Nowhere results in no items being lost. If the player's world is in Hardcore mode, the world will not be lost if the player dies in Nowhere.

Progression[ | ]

Nowhere is filled with various activities that the player can complete in order to receive rewards or other things. Nowhere is divided into 4 sections: parkour, dungeon, bosses, and utility. The player can access each section by entering the corresponding portals in the Nowhere Hub. The portal that the player must enter is listed in each of the four subsections below.

Parkour[ | ]

The parkour section of Nowhere features parkour courses that can be completed in exchange for rewards.

The Parkour section of Nowhere is accessible by entering the portal labelled "Dexterity" on the far left (the one with the blue particles). When the player enters the parkour section, they will be taken to the Nowhere Parkour Lobby, and the player's inventory will be temporarily cleared of all items (including armor).

Once in the hub, the player can choose which tier of parkour course they would like to play. There are 6 tiers of difficulty, though only parkour courses for tiers 1, 4, 3 and 6 exist at present. The difficulty can be selected by entering the corresponding portal inside the Nowhere Parkour Hub; the difficulty is marked by a roman numerals next to each portal. Once the player enters the portal, they will be taken to the parkour course.

The player can then play through the parkour course like they would play a normal parkour map. To finish a course, one must enter the portal located at the end. This will take the player back to the Nowhere Hub, and give the player a reward. Checkpoints are present throughout the courses, and will trigger when touched. If the player dies in a course after having touched a checkpoint, they will respawn at the latest checkpoint; otherwise they will be returned to the Nowhere Hub.

Upon entering a course, the player will be given a Return Crystal. If the player decides that they do not want to finish a course, they can use the Return Crystal to return to the Nowhere Hub.

Returning to the Nowhere Hub via dying, finishing a course, using the Return Crystal, or by entering the portal on the roof of the Parkour Hub, will restore the player's inventory as it was before entering the parkour section of Nowhere.

Dungeon[ | ]

The dungeon section of Nowhere is unimplemented.

Bosses[ | ]

The bosses section of Nowhere allows the player to fight all of the bosses in the mod. This section can be entered through the portal labelled "Strength" with red particles.

Entering the bosses section will take the player to the Nowhere Boss Lobby, which is where the player can choose which boss they want to battle. To fight a specific boss, the player must right-click a boss' specific Boss Token (boss-spawning item) on the Boss Altar block in the lobby. Once the item has been used on the altar, the player must wait near the altar for 5 seconds. After the wait time is up, the player will be teleported to an arena to fight the boss. If the player changes their mind about wanting to fight a boss after having used the item, they can walk out of range to disable the boss spawning.

The boss fight will take place in a random arena. The player will be given a Return Crystal upon entering, which can be used to leave the arena prematurely.

Utility[ | ]

The utility section of Nowhere is a place filled with many utility blocks, which the player is free to utilize. This section can be accessed by entering the portal labelled "Readiness" on the far right (the one with the green particles).

A full list of utility blocks that are in the room can be found here. There is also a Skill Master spawned in the room that the player can trade with.

Generation[ | ]

Nowhere is an endless void with various floating rooms. The rooms are made of an assortment of materials.

Structures[ | ]

The rooms of Nowhere are divided into different categories below based on which of the four portals in the Nowhere hub they can be accessed from.

Central hub[ | ]

All rooms listed in this section are associated with the central hub of Nowhere, which is the first room accessed when the player enters the dimension.

Image Structure name Description
Nowhere Hub Nowhere Hub The room that the player starts in when they enter the Nowhere dimension via the Realmstone method.

Parkour[ | ]

All rooms listed in this section are associated with the parkour section of Nowhere.

Image Structure name Description
Nowhere Parkour Lobby Nowhere Parkour Lobby A room containing 6 portals to parkour courses.
Ancient Hallways Ancient Hallways A parkour course that travels through several hallways.
Aurora Aurora A parkour course that weaves its way around some aurora.
Nether Tourist Nether Tourist A parkour course themed around The Nether.
Twisted Treetops Twisted Treetops A parkour course themed around a giant tree the player must climb up.

Bosses[ | ]

All rooms listed in this section are associated with the boss section of Nowhere.

Image Structure name Description
Nowhere Boss Lobby Nowhere Boss Lobby A room that can be used to battle bosses.
Nowhere Disabled Boss Lobby Nowhere Disabled Boss Lobby A boss lobby that can be accessed by using a boss token item.
File:Archaic Aqueduct Arena.png Archaic Aqueduct Arena A boss arena themed around a jungle clearing.
Archaic Extraction Station Arena Archaic Extraction Station Arena A boss arena themed around a crater primarily made of Basalt.
File:Archaic Hall Arena.png Archaic Hall Arena A basic boss arena themed around archaic blocks.
File:Bridge Arena.png Bridge Arena A boss arena themed around a bridge.
City Arena City Arena A boss arena themed around a city.
Colosseum Arena Colosseum Arena A boss arena themed around a colosseum.
Desert Arena Desert Arena A boss arena themed around a desert.
Shrine Arena Shrine Arena A boss arena themed around a Japanese building
Spiral Arena Spiral Arena A boss arena floating in mid-air with a spiral at its centre.
Square Arena Square Arena A simple boss arena with a flat area for fighting.
Swamp Arena Swamp Arena A boss arena themed around a Mangrove Swamp.
Tulip Arena Tulip Arena A decorated boss arena with a flat space for fighting.

Utility[ | ]

All rooms listed in this section are associated with the utility section of Nowhere.

Image Structure name Description
Nowhere Utility Lobby Nowhere Utility Lobby A room with several interactable blocks and a Skill Master.

Mobs[ | ]

NPCs[ | ]

Skill Master
Skill Master

Related Advancements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bgNowhere Portal Middle of Nowhere Visit Nowhere See description aoa3:nowhere/root No

Trivia[ | ]

  • Nowhere is considered "tierless" due to certain portions of it being accessible from different parts of the mod - certain sections require Nowhere Realmstone to access, while others don't require it.
    • Rather than just having its own progression, Nowhere supplements the progression of other dimensions. E.G. all Bosses being fought in Nowhere.