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Nethengeic Beast
Nethengeic Beast.png
Health 65 (♥×32.5)
Damage 7 (♥×3.5)
Environment Nether: Nethengeic Pits
Hostility Aggressive
XP Xp Orb.png 12
Version added 1.0

The Nethengeic Beast is a hostile mob that spawns in the Nethengeic Pits of The Nether. It is a melee mob that sets the player on fire upon contact for 10 seconds. It is immune to fire.


Entity loot
Item Quantity Chance
Nether Table 1 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nothing - 54.3%
Nethengeic Helmet.png Nethengeic Helmet 1 1.1%
Nethengeic Chestplate.png Nethengeic Chestplate 1 1.1%
Nethengeic Leggings.png Nethengeic Leggings 1 1.1%
Nethengeic Boots.png Nethengeic Boots 1 1.1%
Nether Wart.png Nether Wart 1-3 10.9%
Emberstone Ingot.png Emberstone Ingot 1 6.5%
Blaze Powder.png Blaze Powder 1 8.2%
Lava Bucket.png Lava Bucket 1 8.7%
Nether Quartz.png Nether Quartz 1-2 7.1%
The above pool is rolled 1 time