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NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) are non-hostile creatures that serve various purposes within Advent of Ascension. Most NPCs provide some service to the player, usually in the form of trades. Others do not serve a functional purpose and will simply give a line of dialogue when interacted with.

All NPC trades have a 'stock' value that determines how many times they can be used, with a trade becoming disabled upon using up all of its stock. The trade is periodically refilled up to 2 times in the equivalent of a Minecraft day, as long as the player is more than 24 blocks away from the NPC in that period of time. NPCs added by Advent of Ascension do not need a job site block to refill trades.


Below is the list of all NPCs in the mod and their functions:

Ambient NPCs

These NPCs have no functional purpose, and merely give a line of dialogue when interacted with.

Name Dimension Location
Gorb Citizen.png Gorb Citizen Mysterium Gorb Village
Primordial Guide.png Primordial Guide Dustopia Dustopian Village
Zal Child.png Zal Child Lunalus Lunar Village
Zal Citizen.png Zal Citizen Lunalus Lunar Village


Bankers exist to convert currency between the different valued coins.

Name Dimension Location
Creep Banker.png Creep Banker Creeponia Creeponia Bank
Lelyetian Banker.png Lelyetian Banker Lelyetia Lelyetian Tower
Primordial Banker.png Primordial Banker Dustopia Dustopian Village
Shyre Banker.png Shyre Banker Shyrelands Shyre Decoration
Zal Banker.png Zal Banker Lunalus Lunar Village


Lottomen are a group of NPCs that spawn across the various dimensions offering random-chance items for coins.

Name Dimension Location
Abyssal Lottoman.png Abyssal Lottoman Abyss Abyssal Lotto Hut
Baron Lottoman.png Baron Lottoman Barathos Baroness House
Boreic Lottoman.png Boreic Lottoman L'Borean Drowned Lotto Stand
Candied Lottoman.png Candied Lottoman Candyland Candy Lotto Platform
Celevian Lottoman.png Celevian Lottoman Celeve Celevian Lotto Balloon
Creeponia Lottoman.png Creeponia Lottoman Creeponia Creeponian Lotto Stand
Crystal Lottoman.png Crystal Lottoman Crystevia Crystal Lotto Overlook
Dustopian Lottoman.png Dustopian Lottoman Dustopia Lotto Cage
Floro Lottoman.png Floro Lottoman Gardencia Lotto Sky Flower
Golden Lottoman.png Golden Lottoman Iromine Iro Pillar
Haunted Lottoman.png Haunted Lottoman Greckon Haunted Lotto Rock
Lelyetian Lottoman.png Lelyetian Lottoman Lelyetia Lelyetian Tower
Lottoman.png Lottoman Overworld Spawns naturally in all overworld biomes.
Lunar Lottoman.png Lunar Lottoman Lunalus Lunar Lotto Platform
Mystic Lottoman.png Mystic Lottoman Mysterium Mystic Lotto Shroom
Precasian Lottoman.png Precasian Lottoman Precasia Jungle Lotto Hut
Rocky Lottoman.png Rocky Lottoman Deeplands Deep Lotto Shelter
Runic Lottoman.png Runic Lottoman Runandor Runic Tower
Shyrelands Lottoman.png Shyrelands Lottoman Shyrelands Shyrelands Decoration
Toxic Lottoman.png Toxic Lottoman Vox Ponds Vox Crate (Generated inside Vox Lotto Outposts
Twinkling Lottoman.png Twinkling Lottoman The Haven Floating Lotto Fountain
Withering Lottoman.png Withering Lottoman Nether Spawns naturally anywhere in the Nether

Skill Masters

Skill Masters are NPCs specific to a given Skill. They sell skill-armour for high prices.

Name Dimension Location
Anima Master.png Anima Master Runandor Spawns naturally anywhere in Runandor
Augury Master.png Augury Master N/A Does not spawn anywhere currently.
Butchery Master.png Butchery Master Abyss Spawns naturally anywhere in the Abyss
Creation Master.png Creation Master Barathos Spawns naturally anywhere in Barathos
Expedition Master.png Expedition Master Shyrelands Spawns naturally anywhere in the Shyrelands
ExtractionMaster.png Extraction Master Deeplands Spawns naturally anywhere in the Deeplands
Foraging Master.png Foraging Master Iromine Spawns naturally anywhere in Iromine
Hauling Master.png Hauling Master Overworld Spawns naturally in swamp, rivers and beaches in the overworld
Hunter Master.png Hunter Master Lelyetia Lelyetian Tower
Infusion Master.png Infusion Master Greckon Spawns naturally anywhere in Greckon
Innervation Master.png Innervation Master Celeve Spawns naturally anywhere in Celeve
Logging Master.png Logging Master Lelyetia Spawns naturally anywhere in Lelyetia
RunationMaster.png Runation Master Mysterium Spawns naturally anywhere in Mysterium


These NPCs offer various trades when interacted with. Most trades are relevant to the location the NPC is in, or the profession their name implies.

Name Dimension Location
Assassin.png Assassin Overworld Spawns naturally anywhere in the Overworld.
Corrupted Traveller.png Corrupted Traveller Overworld Spawns with Ruined Teleporter Frames, or naturally anywhere in the Overworld if Ruined Teleporter Frame spawning is disabled in the Configuration.
Crystal Trader.png Crystal Trader Crystevia Spawns with Crystal Trading Posts
Dungeon Keeper.png Dungeon Keeper Immortallis Spawns in the lobby area of Immortallis.
Explosives Expert.png Explosives Expert Creeponia Spawns with Explosives Towers.
Gorb Arms Dealer.png Gorb Arms Dealer Mysterium Spawns with Gorb Villages.
Gorb Engineer.png Gorb Engineer Mysterium Spawns with Gorb Villages.
Lelyetian Trader.png Lelyetian Trader Lelyetia Spawns with Lelyetian Towers.
Metalloid.png Metalloid Iromine Spawns randomly anywhere in Iromine.
Naturalist.png Naturalist Overworld Spawns naturally anywhere in the Overworld, and occasionally in villages.
Primordial Merchant.png Primordial Merchant Dustopia Spawns with Dustopian Villages
Primordial Spellbinder.png Primordial Spellbinder Dustopia Spawns with Dustopian Villages
Primordial Wizard.png Primordial Wizard Dustopia Spawns with Dustopian Villages
Professor.png Professor Iromine Spawns with Professor's Labs
Realmshifter.png Realmshifter Overworld Spawns naturally anywhere in the Overworld, and occasionally in villages.
Shyre Archer.png Shyre Archer Shyrelands Spawns with Shyre Decorations
Store Keeper.png Store Keeper Vox Ponds Spawns when a Vox Store Crate is broken (which is generated inside Destroyed Stores.
Token Collector.png Token Collector Immortallis Spawns in the lobby area of Immortallis.
Toy Merchant.png Toy Merchant Celeve Spawns with Toy Towers
Troll Trader.png Troll Trader Overworld Spawns naturally anywhere in the Overworld.
Undead Herald.png Undead Herald Most Dimensions Spawns naturally anywhere within most dimensions.
Zal Grocer.png Zal Grocer Lunalus Spawns with Lunar Villages
Zal Herbalist.png Zal Herbalist Lunalus Spawns with Lunar Villages
Zal Spellbinder.png Zal Spellbinder Lunalus Spawns with Lunar Villages
Zal Child.png Zal Vendor Lunalus Spawns with Lunar Villages