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Mystic Shrooms
Mystic Shroom Crop
Mystic Shrooms
Hardness 0
Blast resistance 0
Transparent Yes
Luminance None
Hunger 2 (Hungerx1)
Saturation 0.4
Stackable Yes (64)
Rarity color Common
ID aoa3:mystic_shrooms
Version added 1.0

Mystic Shrooms are items used in farming, becoming a Mystic Shrooms block when placed on farmland.

Obtaining[ | ]

Mob drops[ | ]

Mystic Shrooms are a part of the Mysterium loot table and are dropped by the following mobs:

Farming[ | ]

Harvesting a fully grown Mystic Shroom crop will yield 1 to 4 Mystic Shrooms. The amount dropped can be increased with the Fortune enchantment.

Usage[ | ]

Food[ | ]

Mystic Shrooms can be eaten by the player as food. They can be consumed even with a full hunger bar.

Crop farming[ | ]

Mystic Shrooms can be planted on farmland in order to grow Mystic Shroom crops, which can then be harvested for 1-4 additional Mystic Shrooms once fully grown, as it is a seedless crop.

Composting[ | ]

When used on a Composter, Mystic Shrooms has a 65% chance to add a section to the pile in the Composter.

Tea Sink[ | ]

Block Ingredients Item
Tea Sink Tea Sink Cup Cup + Tea Shreddings Tea Shreddings + Mystic Shrooms Mystic Shrooms Fungal Tea Fungal Tea

Crafting[ | ]

Item Ingredients Recipe
Shroom Stone 3 Mystic Shrooms +
1 Mushroom Spores +
3 Fungal Rocks
Mystic Shrooms
Mystic Shrooms
Mushroom Spores
Mystic Shrooms
Fungal Rock
Fungal Rock
Fungal Rock
Shroom Stone

Trading[ | ]

Obtained from Level Price Price multiplier Item Stock Profession XP
Naturalist 2 (Apprentice) Mystic Shrooms 8 Mystic Shrooms 0.05 Copper Coin 15 Copper Coins 16 11

Block states[ | ]

State Allowed values Description
age 0

Tags[ | ]

Mystic Shrooms has the following tags:

Block tags[ | ]

  • minecraft:crops
  • minecraft:bee_growables

Item tags[ | ]

  • forge:crops
  • forge:food
  • forge:mushrooms