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Rarity color Epic
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 1.0
ID aoa3:moonstone

The Moonstone is an easter egg item. Originally a crafting ingredient, it was functionally removed from the mod in 3.2. Its only use is in a chain of item conversions that results in the Experiment W-801.

Like most other easter egg items, Moonstones do not appear in the creative inventory. They are also unobtainable through /give, as they are instantly deleted when obtained in this manner.

Obtaining[ | ]

Moonstones are only obtained when the player drops a Molten Upgrader when the moon is full.

Usage[ | ]

Moonstones can be used on an Arcworm to grant it the Levitation potion effect. When an Arcworm goes above y = 275, if the player that attacked it is holding a Moonstone in their hand, the Arcworm will be instantly turned into an Experiment W-801, which will fall back down to the player. The Moonstone is only consumed if this is successful, meaning if the Arcworm despawns or otherwise fails to reach y = 275, the Moonstone can be used on another Arcworm to try again.

When done successfully, the entire stack of Moonstones will be consumed, but the output will always only be one item, so it is a waste to use more than one at a time.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Of all the repurposed easter egg items, the way it is obtained is closest to the original, as it was originally obtained as a normal drop from the aforementioned Full Moon Event mobs.
  • Prior to being made into an easter egg item, the Moonstone was named the Moondust and had a different, dust-like sprite. Moondust was used to create the old tablets and the Troll Idol. In 3.0 it was renamed to "Moonstone" and given a sprite change to reflect this, but tablets were removed so it was left to create only the Troll Idol. Finally, in 3.2 the Troll Idol recipe was changed to no longer use Moonstones, and tablets were bought back in a new form that also did not use Moonstones.