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Molten Core
Molten Core
Version added 3.5

The Molten Core is a feature from Lunalus.

Generation[ | ]

Molten Cores generate randomly across Lunalus.

Structure[ | ]

Molten Cores are spherical Stone asteroids with a core made of Magma Blocks. The exterior appears to be coming apart somewhat, exposing the core. Ore randomly generates within the stone blocks.

Structure piece Description Blocks Image
aoa3:lunalus/decorations/molten_core Size: 19x19x19

Magma Block Magma Block
Stone Stone

Randomly replacing Stone blocks:
Coal Ore Coal Ore (1.00%)
Iron Ore Iron Ore (0.50%)
Gold Ore Gold Ore (0.25%)
Diamond Ore Diamond Ore (0.12%)

Molten Core