Mineralization Station

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Mineralization Station
Mineralization Station.png
Hardness 5
Blast resistance 10
Rarity color Common
Version added 1.1

The Mineralization Station is a block that can convert gems and ingots into Tokens or Coins.



A Mineralization Station can be found at the top of every Baron Castle.


Mineral/Ingot conversion

Using gems or ingots on a Mineralization Station will convert them into tokens from their respective dimension. Mineralization Station will convert gems and ingots from the Overworld into Copper Coins instead.

Item Result
Sapphire.png 1 Sapphire Copper Coin.png 10-19 Copper Coins
Amethyst.png 1 Amethyst Copper Coin.png 8-15 Copper Coins
Limonite Ingot.png 1 Limonite Ingot Copper Coin.png 5-9 Copper Coins
Rosite Ingot.png 1 Rosite Ingot Copper Coin.png 6-11 Copper Coins
Jade.png 1 Jade Copper Coin.png 7-13 Copper Coins
Baronyte Ingot.png 1 Baronyte Ingot Baron Tokens.png 7-13 Baron Tokens
Blazium Ingot.png 1 Blazium Ingot
Varsium Ingot.png 1 Varsium Ingot
Baron Tokens.png 8-15 Baron Tokens
Emberstone Ingot.png 1 Emberstone Ingot Nether Tokens.png 9-17 Nether Tokens
Ghastly Ingot.png 1 Ghastly Ingot
Ghoulish Ingot.png 1 Ghoulish Ingot
Greckon Tokens.png 8-15 Greckon Tokens
Lunar Ingot.png 1 Lunar Ingot Lunar Tokens.png 8-15 Lunar Tokens
Lyon Ingot.png 1 Lyon Ingot Iromine Tokens.png 8-15 Iromine Tokens
Mystite Ingot.png 1 Mystite Ingot Mysterium Tokens.png 8-15 Mysterium Tokens
Shyregem.png 1 Shyregem
Shyrestone Ingot.png 1 Shyrestone Ingot
Shyrelands Tokens.png 8-15 Shyrelands Tokens
Skeletal Ingot.png 1 Skeletal Ingot Precasian Tokens.png 7-13 Precasian Tokens
Elecanium Ingot.png 1 Elecanium Ingot Runandor Tokens.png 9-17 Runandor Tokens
Bloodstone.png 1 Bloodstone Abyss Tokens.png 8-15 Abyss Tokens
Crystallite.png 1 Crystallite Haven Tokens.png 8-15 Haven Tokens
Gemenyte.png 1 Gemenyte
Jewelyte.png 1 Jewelyte
Ornamyte.png 1 Ornamyte
Creeponia Tokens.png 7-13 Creeponia Tokens
Blue Crystals.png 1 Blue Crystal
Green Crystals.png 1 Green Crystal
Purple Crystals.png 1 Purple Crystal
Red Crystals.png 1 Red Crystal
White Crystals.png 1 White Crystal
Yellow Crystals.png 1 Yellow Crystal
Crystevia Tokens.png 4-7 Crystevia Tokens

Iromine Realmstone

Using a Blank Realmstone on a Mineralization Station will convert it into an Iromine realmstone.