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The following page is a list of mentioned features. These are features that have been mentioned to be happening but with no specific update specified for them.

Mentioned features[]

Some features that have been mentioned by Scimiguy but not directly confirmed for any update:

  • Scimiguy has said that if he was bored with porting mobs for 3.0 update, he might add an Elite Smash boss for the snapshots.[1][2]
    • According to Scimiguy, Elite Smash would have a custom ai, potentially including the ability to plan moves ahead and outsmart cheesing methods.[3][4]
  • Scimiguy mentioned having an idea for an infection-themed dimension.[5]
  • Scimiguy mentioned a dimension which would consist of a giant dungeon that existed both above and underground. The dungeon would be huge, and the player would have to fight off mobs from the outside. The player could collect materials from inside the dungeon.[6]


  • The initial assets made for Labricon have been scrapped. However, the developer has confirmed that Labricon is still planned at some point, retaining the same concept while using entirely new assets.[7]