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Health 9 (♥×4.5)
Armor 1 (Armor icon.png×0.5)
Environment Precasia
Hostility Passive
XP Xp Orb.png 0
ID aoa3:meganeuropsis
Version added 3.3

The Meganeuropsis is a passive mob from Precasia.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Meganeuropsis' spawn naturally in Precasia.

They will despawn if the player gets too far away from them.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Meganeuropsis' are flying passive mobs and will not attack, even if provoked.

They will occasionally land on player's heads.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Unique drops
Item Quantity Looting Chance Notes
Nothing 95.2% Chance is decreased with each level of luck and/or looting.
Chitin.png Chitin 1 4.8%
The above pool is rolled 1 time.

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

Don't like loud buzzing, fast moving wings, and grabby insect feet? This ancient dragonfly-predecessor is probably best avoided then. Directly comparing Meganeuropsis to more modern dragonflies is a rather apt way of describing what this creature is and does. While it is significantly larger than its more recent cousins, it follows basically the same behavioral patterns. Because of that, there's not a lot of interesting information regarding this creature, besides the fact that it is quite large in terms of insects.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
3.3 Added Meganeuropsis.