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Luxocron Dungeon
Luxocron Dungeon.png
Biome N/A
Version added 3.5
ID aoa3:luxocron_dungeon

Luxocron Dungeon is a structure from Shyrelands.


Luxocron Dungeon generates on the surface of Shyrelands.


A Luxocron Dungeon is a domed building with two floors. The first floor contains two spawners that spawn Luxocrons, which are trapped inside a large crystal formation. There are stairs on the first floor which lead up the second floor. The second floor contains two spawners that spawn Lightwalkers, as well as three chests.

The entrance to the dungeon is on the first floor.

Structure pieces[]

Structure piece Description Blocks Image
aoa3:shyrelands/luxocron_dungeon/luxocron_dungeon Size: 19x29x19

Bright Rock.png Bright Rock
Chest.png Chest
Glowstone.png Glowstone
Iron Bars.png Iron Bars
Orange Stained Glass.png Orange Stained Glass
Shyre Glass.png Shyre Glass
Shyre Log.png Shyre Log
Smooth Quartz Block.png Smooth Quartz Block
Spawner.png Spawner
White Stained Glass.png White Stained Glass
White Shyre Bricks.png White Shyre Bricks
White Shyre Bricks Slab.png White Shyre Bricks Slab
White Shyre Bricks Stairs.png White Shyre Bricks Stairs
Yellow Shyre Bricks.png Yellow Shyre Bricks
Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab
Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs
Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall

Luxocron Dungeon.png


Chest loot
Item Quantity Chance Notes
Nothing 1 70.8% Chance is decreased with each level of luck
Shyregem.png Shyregem 1-2 2.4%
Shyrestone Ingot.png Shyrestone Ingot 1-2 2.4%
Shyrestone Nugget.png Shyrestone Nugget 2-6 4.7%
Sapphire.png Sapphire 1-3 3.5%
File:Mcw:Diamond.png mcw:Diamond 1-5 4.7%
File:Mcw:Golden Apple.png mcw:Golden Apple 1 1.9%
Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Repair Dust 1-2 1.2%
Shyre Log.png Shyre Log 2-35 8.3%
Ancient Upgrade Kit.png Ancient Upgrade Kit 1 0.2% Chance is increased with each level of luck
The above pool is rolled 10 times, with an additional -1-1 rolls per point of Luck