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Lotto Structure
Runic Tower.png
Structure Type NPC Structure
Version Added See individual structure

A lotto structure is a structure that houses a Lottoman. All Lottomen have a structure except for the Overworld and Nether variants.

The Lottoman Structure, in some cases, will be a part of another larger structure (such as the Lelyetian Lottoman which spawns in the Lelyetian Tower).

Generally, whereas most dimensional structures use dimension-specific glass, most Lottoman structures use regular Glass in their place.

List of Lotto Structures[]

  • The Haven - Haven Fountain
  • The Abyss - Eye Pillars
  • Precasia - Tree Huts
  • Mysterium - Mushroom Huts
  • Iromine - Iro-Pillars
  • Lunalus - Lunar Village
  • The Deeplands - Cave Fountains
  • Gardencia - Giant Beanstalk
  • Greckon - Floating Rock
  • Runandor - Runic Tower
  • Barathos - Baron House
  • Dustopia - Lotto Cage
  • Vox Ponds - Lotto Vox Tower
  • L'Borean - Water Platform
  • Lelyetia - Lelyetian Tower
  • Celeve - Lotto Balloon
  • Crystevia - Crystal Outpost
  • Candyland - Candyland Lotto Structure
  • Creeponia - Creeponia Lotto Structure
  • Shyrelands - Lotto Decoration

Note that some of these name are subject to change.