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Living Growth
Hardness 1
Blast resistance 0
Transparent Semi
Luminance None
Stackable N/A
Rarity color Common
ID aoa3:living_growth
Version added 3.2

Living Growth is a block used to spawn the boss Vinocorne.


The block can be broken with the player's hands, but doing so will not drop anything. The give command will not work, nor will using pick block. The setblock command can be used to place living growth.

The player can generate a living growth by using petals on a vinocorne shrine.


The living growth is a plant-like block that appears to grow similar to crops. When the player uses a petals item on the vinocorne shrine, the living growth will spawn in on top of the vinocorne shrine. After a few seconds, the living growth will change appearance as if it were growing, just like crops. Living growth will grow through 6 phases. After the 6th phase, it will disappear and the boss vinocorne will spawn in its place.

If the player switches the difficulty to Peaceful while the living growth is still growing, it will disappear prematurely and a petals item will spawn in its place.

The setblock command can be used to place a living growth, however the living growth will not grow. The player can use age to change the phase of the living growth, e.g.: /setblock ~ ~ ~ aoa3:living_growth[age=0] (works for any number 0-5).