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This article is about the lamps that emit light. For the lamps that heal the player, see Life Lamp.

Amethyst Lamp.png
Hardness Lights : 0.5
Lamps : 0.3
Blast resistance 0.3
Transparent None
Luminance 15
Flammable No
Renewable Depends
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
ID See below.

Advent of Ascension adds several lighting blocks.


Most lighting blocks can be mined with a pickaxe. Ancient and Archaic Lights are unbreakable by all means. Fire Lamps and Iro Lamps are only available in creative mode.

Natural Generation

The following lighting blocks can be found naturally:


Name Ingredients Recipe
Amethyst Lamp 8 Amethysts, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Baronyte Lamp 4 Baronyte Ingots, 1 Glowstone, 4 Glass
Blazium Lamp 4 Blazium Ingots, 1 Glowstone, 4 Glass
Bloodstone Lamp 8 Bloodstones, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Crystallite Lamp 8 Crystallites, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Elecanium Lamp 4 Elecanium Ingots, 1 Glowstone, 4 Glass
Emberstone Lamp 8 Emberstone Ingots, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Ghastly Lamp 4 Ghastly Ingots, 1 Glowstone, 4 Glass
Ghoulish Lamp 4 Ghoulish Ingots, 1 Glowstone, 4 Glass
Jade Lamp 8 Jade, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Limonite Lamp 8 Limonite Ingots, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Lyon Lamp 4 Lyon Ingots, 1 Glowstone, 4 Glass
Mystic Lamp 8 Mystite Ingots, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Rosite Lamp 8 Rosite Ingots, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Sapphire Lamp 8 Sapphire, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Skeletal Lamp 8 Skeletal Ingots, 4 Glass, 1 Glowstone
Varsium Lamp 4 Varsium Ingots, 1 Glowstone, 4 Glass


Most of the lamps in the mod are used as a light source, building material and/or a decoration block. However, a few other lamps have different functions/purposes (see Usage section for details).

All of the lamps and light sources added by the mod up until Tslat 1.1.3/2.5 snapshot.


Lamps are blocks that emit light when powered by a redstone signal (such as Redstone Lamps). All lamps in the mod have a lit and an unpowered texture. They have a light level of 15 when lit, and a light level of 0 when unpowered.

Lamp Block ID
Amethyst Lamp.png Amethyst Lamp aoa3:amethyst_lamp
Aquatic Lamp.png Aquatic Lamp aoa3:aquatic_lamp
Bloodstone Lamp.png Bloodstone Lamp aoa3:bloodstone_lamp
Baronyte Lamp.png Baronyte Lamp aoa3:baronyte_lamp
Blazium Lamp.png Blazium Lamp aoa3:blazium_lamp
Crystallite Lamp.png Crystallite Lamp aoa3:crystallite_lamp
Dustopian Lamp.png Dustopian Lamp aoa3:dustopian_lamp
Emberstone Lamp.png Emberstone Lamp aoa3:emberstone_lamp
Elecanium Lamp.png Elecanium Lamp aoa3:elecanium_lamp
Fire Lamp.gif Fire Lamp aoa3:fire_lamp
Ghastly Lamp.png Ghastly Lamp aoa3:ghastly_lamp
Ghoulish Lamp.png Ghoulish Lamp aoa3:ghoulish_lamp
Iro Lamp.png Iro Lamp aoa3:iro_lamp
Jade Lamp.png Jade Lamp aoa3:jade_lamp
Limonite Lamp.png Limonite Lamp aoa3:limonite_lamp
Lunar Lamp.png Lunar Lamp aoa3:lunar_lamp
Lyon Lamp.png Lyon Lamp aoa3:lyon_lamp
Mystic Lamp.png Mystic Lamp aoa3:mystic_lamp
Rosite Lamp.png Rosite Lamp aoa3:rosite_lamp
Sapphire Lamp.png Sapphire Lamp aoa3:sapphire_lamp
Skeletal Lamp.png Skeletal Lamp aoa3:skeletal_lamp
Varsium Lamp.png Varsium Lamp aoa3:varsium_lamp


Lights are blocks that constantly emit light, regardless of if they are powered or not (such as Glowstone). All lights in the mod have a light level of 15.

Lamp Block ID
Ancient Light.png Ancient Light aoa3:ancient_light
Archaic Light.png Archaic Light aoa3:archaic_light
Creep Crystal.png Creep Crystal aoa3:creep_crystal
Deep Crystal.png Deep Crystal aoa3:deep_crystal
Darkstone.png Darkstone aoa3:darkstone
Hive Light.png Hive Light aoa3:hive_light
Steel Light.gif Steel Light aoa3:steel_light
Twinklestone.png Twinklestone aoa3:twinklestone
Vox Light.png Vox Light aoa3:vox_light


Neon blocks are patterned, animated light sources. Most neon blocks are crafted with Lapis Lazuli or Redstone, with the exception of Runic Neon, which naturally generates in structures across Runandor.

All of these blocks have lamp functionality, meaning that they will not emit light and be inanimate when unpowered. Runic Neon has a separate "light" version in addition to its lamp version.

Lamp Block ID
Circle Lapis.gif Circling Neon Lapis nevermine:animated/LapisNeonCircling
Neon Redstone Circle.gif Circling Neon Redstone nevermine:animated/RedstoneNeonCircling
Neon Lapis.gif Neon Lapis nevermine:animated/LapisNeon
Neon Redstone.gif Neon Redstone nevermine:animated/RedstoneNeon
Triangle Lapis.gif Neon Lapis Triangles nevermine:animated/LapisNeonTriangles
Neon Redstone Triangles.gif Neon Redstone Triangles nevermine:animated/RedstoneNeonTriangles
Runic Neon.gif Runic Neon nevermine:animated/RunicNeon

  1. The ID under 'Block ID' is what would be used to obtain this item using the /give command.
    1. For blocks with animated textures, this means typing in "/give <PlayerName> nevermine:animated/block".


Turning On/Off

All lamp blocks will only emit light if they are activated by a redstone signal. Lights will emit light regardless if they are activate by a redstone signal or not. Dustopian Lamp is an exception to this, it can be turned on by pressing use on it with a Darkly Powder.

The Dustopian Lamp is a necessity for fighting the Primordial Five boss. The boss can only be fought if the Dustopian Lamps are arranged in a certain pattern. The lamps will turn themselves off when the boss spawns in.

Crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Recipe
Twinklestone Fence 5 Twinklestone


Version Information
1.0 Added Amethyst, Rosite, Crystallite, Emberstone, Jade, Limonite, Sapphire, Bloodstone, Skeletal, Fire and Mystic Lamps, Neon Lapis/Redstone, Circling Neon Lapis/Redstone, and Neon lapis/redstone triangles and Darkstone/Twinklestone. Lamps always emit light, regardless of if they are powered by a redstone signal.
1.1 Added Lunar, Aquatic, Dustopian and Vox lamps, Hive lights, and Runic Neon. At this point, Aquatic and Dustopian lamps are the only lamps that can be powered off.
?? Added Iro Lamp.
2.0 Added Ancient Lamp.
2.4 Added Archaic Lamp.
3.0 Added Baronyte, Blazing, Elecanium, Ghastly, Ghoulish, Lyon, and Varsium Lamps. Lamps now only emit light when powered by a redstone signal, and now have new "unpowered" textures to reflect this. Updated all lamp textures (changed the borders to be a single color). Reclassified Vox, Ancient, and Archaic Lamps as lights, which remain on without a redstone signal.
All lamp and light ids were changed.
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