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! Item !! Obtained from
! Item !! Obtained from
| [[File:Swarm-O-Tron Totem.png]] [[Swarm-O-Tron Totem]] || [[Lelyetian Lottoman]]
| [[File:Royal Greatblade Totem.png]] [[Royal Greatblade Totem]] || [[Lelyetian Lottoman]]
|[[File:HunterArmorIcons.png]] [[Hunter Armor]] || [[Hunter Master]]
|[[File:HunterArmorIcons.png]] [[Hunter Armor]] || [[Hunter Master]]

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Lelyetian Tower
Lelyetian Tower.png
Structure Type NPC Structure
Biome Lelyetia
Consists of Lelyetian Bricks.png Lelyetian Bricks
Whitewash Bricks.png Whitewash Bricks
Lelyetian Glass.png Lelyetian Glass
Version Added 2.0

The Lelyetian Tower is a tall NPC structure from Lelyetia.


Lelyetian Towers generate commonly on the surface of the Lelyetia. They have a 43% chance to spawn in any given chunk. They will always occur at y = 60.


The Lelyetian Tower is a tall tower structure mainly composed of Lelyetian Bricks. The tower consists of many levels, with a staircase in the center leading to the top level. Each level's floor is made of Whitewash Bricks, and each level has windows made of Lelyetian Glass.

Some of the floors contain NPCs on them:

The 1st floor has no NPCs, instead having an entrance to the tower.


Item Obtained from
File:HunterArmorIcons.png Hunter Armor Hunter Master
Decimator.png Decimator Lelyetian Trader
Cyclone.png Cyclone Lelyetian Trader
Weapon Parts.png Weapon Parts Lelyetian Trader
Lunaver Coin.png Lunaver Coin Lelyetian Banker
Gold Coin.png Gold Coin Lelyetian Banker
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin Lelyetian Banker
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin Lelyetian Banker