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Prerequisite dimension Gardencia, Candyland
Tier 3
Realmstone L'Borean Realmstone.png
Portal sound
Version 1.1

L'Borean is an aquatic-themed dimension.


L'Borean with night vision.

The L'Borean Realmstone.png Realmstone to this dimension is obtained from luring a Gardencia mob into Candied Water, then defeating it.


L'Borean's generation consists of a massive ocean. The ocean itself is completely filled with water, and stretches from the ocean floor (y=31-32) to the barrier ceiling (y=127), making the ocean up to 96 blocks deep in some places.

The ocean floor is a flat landscape situated at y=31-32, with the elevation not going up much higher. The surface is made of coral grass, with a layer of coral soil underneath it. Beneath the coral soil, the rest of the ocean floor is made of coral rock, which stretches all the way down to the last layers of the world, which are made of dimensional fabric. The surface of the ocean floor is covered in plants and large coral formations.

At y=127-128, there is a two-block thick ceiling made of barrier blocks.


Naturally generating
Coral Grass.png Coral Grass
Coral Soil.png Coral Soil
Coral Rock.png Coral Rock
32px Coral
MissingIcon32.png Water
Dimensional Fabric.png Dimensional Fabric
Water Weeds.gif Water Weeds
Bureal Stocks.png Bureal Stocks
32px Ocealites
Generates in structures
Coral Bricks.png Coral Bricks
Coral Cage.png Coral Cage
Aquatic Glass.png Aquatic Glass
Borean Carpet.png Borean Carpet
Aquatic Lamp.png Aquatic Lamp
Dracyon Altar.png Dracyon Altar
Declogging Table.png Declogging Table
Dark Bricks.png Dark Bricks
Dark Bricks Slab.png Dark Bricks Slab
Water Rune Post.png Rune Post


There are five structures that can be found in L'Borean:

Image Structure name Description
Aquatic Castle.png Aquatic Castle A massive castle made of Coral Bricks. Inside are spawners that spawn Mermages and Amphibiors. A Declogging Table can be found here as well.
L'Borean Lotto Structure.png L'Borean Lotto Structure A small structure with a Boreic Lottoman in it.
Dracyon Platform.png Dracyon Platform These small fountains sitting on top of a platform are where you can challenge the Dracyon boss.
300px Water Rune Shrine The Water Rune variant of the Rune Shrine can also spawn in L'Borean


The mobs of L'Borean are aquatic themed. There are 6 hostile mobs in L'Borean. Out of those 6, 2 of them are hunter mobs.


Name Spawning Requirement
Amphibior.png Amphibior Spawns in Structure.png Aquatic Castles.
Angler.png Angler Spawns naturally.
Mermage.png Mermage Spawns in Structure.png Aquatic Castles.
Muncher.png Muncher Spawns naturally.
Neptuno.png Neptuno Spawns naturally but is rare.
Sea Viper.png Sea Viper Spawns naturally.

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
100px Cod Spawns naturally.
Coratee.png Coratee Spawns naturally.
100px Salmon Spawns naturally.
100px Squid Spawns naturally.
Tropical Fish.png Tropical Fish Spawns naturally.

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Boreic Lottoman.png Boreic Lottoman Spawns in Structure.png L'Borean Lotto Structures.
Undead Herald.png Undead Herald Spawns naturally.

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Corallus.png Corallus Spawned by dropping an Amphibiyte Lung.png Amphibiyte Lung into water.
DracyonBig.png Dracyon Spawned by using a Call of the Drake.png Call of the Drake on a Dracyon Altar.png Dracyon Altar.

See individual boss pages for more information.


L'Borean Table[]

The L'Borean Loot Table consists of the following items that can be dropped by all hostile mobs and bosses in the dimension (but not the NPCs):

Entity loot
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Nothing - - 99.5%
Rare Table 1 - 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nothing - - 71.2%
Copper Coin.pngCopper Coin 1-3 +-1.0-2.0 per level 25.0%
Bubble Berry Seeds.pngBubble Berry Seeds 1 - 2.5%
Corby Slab.pngCorby Slab 1-4 - 1.2%
The above pool is rolled 1-3 times
Nothing - - 89.6%
Coral Stone.pngCoral Stone 1 +0.0-1.0 per level 10.0%
Seaside Upgrade Kit.pngSeaside Upgrade Kit 1 - 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1 time

Related Advancements[]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngCoral Stone.png Down where it's wetter Visit L'Borean See description aoa3:lborean/root No