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Kror Cave
Kror Cave (Dark Arena).png
Biome N/A
Consists of All variants:
Black Concrete.png Black Concrete
Black Concrete Powder.png Black Concrete Powder
Deep Blooms.png Deep Blooms
Deep Grass.png Deep Grass
Deep Case.png Deep Case
Dense Stone.png Dense Stone
Dense Stone Slab.png Dense Stone Slab
Dense Stone Stairs.png Dense Stone Stairs
Kror Altar.png Kror Altar
Redstone Torch.png Redstone Torch
Dark variant only:
MissingIcon32.png Water
Skeletal variant only:
Skeletal Block.png Skeletal Block
Version added 3.5
ID aoa3:kror_cave

The Kror Cave is a cave like structure found in Deeplands.


Kror caves generate naturally in Deeplands. The opening leading into the cave can likely be found on y = 32.


Kror caves are caves which lead down into a room with a kror altar. The inside of a kror cave has deep grass and deep blooms generating along the floor. Deep cases can be found in the floor, walls, and ceiling. At the end of the cave is a kror altar, which has four redstone torches attached to it on each side. The floor around the kror altar is made of black concrete and black concrete powder. While charged runium ore may appear to generate in the structure, this is merely normal ore generation overlapping the structure, and not the structure generating with the ore.

There are two variants of kror caves: skeletal and dark. While all of the above mentioned features are present in each, the two variants have different decorative features inside: the skeletal variant has skeletal blocks inside itself and around the cave's entrance, whereas the dark variant has more black concrete and black concrete powder around the entrance instead. The dark variant also has a pool of water in the middle of the cave.

Kror caves consist of 4 components: opening, entrance, tunnel, and arena. The #Structure pieces section below goes into detail about what these sections look like.

Structure pieces[]

For dark variant:

  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/arena/dark_arena
  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/entrance/dark_entrance
  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/opening/dark_opening
  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/tunnel/dark_tunnel

For skeletal variant:

  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/arena/skeletal_arena
  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/entrance/skeletal_entrance
  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/opening/skeletal_opening
  • aoa3:deeplands/kror_cave/tunnel/skeletal_tunnel