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King BamBamBam
King BamBamBam.png
Health 900 (♥×450)
Size Width: 1.2 blocks
Height: 2 blocks
Damage Easy: 11 (♥×5.5)
Normal: 20 (♥×10)
Hard: 30 (♥×15)
Environment Nether
Hostility Aggressive
XP Xp Orb.png 99
Knockback Resistance 100%
ID aoa3:king_bambambam
Version added 1.0

King BamBamBam (Also known as Baron Of Explosives) is one of two Bosses that is fought in The Nether.


King BamBamBam is spawned by dropping an Explosive Idol anywhere in the Nether and waiting for a few seconds.

He cannot be spawned if there is not enough space around the explosive idol when thrown


King BamBamBam is a ranged boss which fires explosive projectiles at the player and summons a Little Bam every 3 seconds

Little Bams will pursue the player and create an explosion upon hitting a player with melee.


Entity loot
Item Quantity Chance Notes
Nothing - 67.1%
Explosive Boots.png Explosive Boots 1 5.4%
File:Explosive Legs.png Explosive Legs 1 5.4%
Explosive Chestplate.png Explosive Chestplate 1 5.4%
Explosive Helmet.png Explosive Helmet 1 5.4%
Explosive Bow.png Explosive Bow 1 11.4%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nothing - 11.7%
Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Repair Dust 1-3 7.0%
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin 1-5 8.2%
Gold Coin.png Gold Coin 1-2 3.5%
Enchanted Gunpowder.png Enchanted Gunpowder 1 4.7%
Torn Cloth.png Torn Cloth 1 4.7%
Kinetic Rune.png Kinetic Rune 6-20 9.3%
Fire Rune.png Fire Rune 6-20 9.3%
Strike Rune.png Strike Rune 6-20 9.3%
Grenade.png Grenade 3-16 7.0%
Fiery Chops.png Fiery Chops 7-18 7.7%
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder 15-32 8.2%
Emberstone Ingot.png Emberstone Ingot 3-9 7.0%
File:Uncraftable Potion.png Potion of The Unignitable 1 2.3%
Fire Resistance 1 (12m, 30s)
The above pool is rolled 1-2 times
Trophy.png King Bambambam Trophy 1 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nether Table 1 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time


King BamBamBam drops Xp Orb.png 90 experience when killed.

Related Advancements[]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement challenge bg.pngTrophy.png Defused Defeat King BamBamBam, baron of explosives See description I Like The Boom aoa3:nether/defused No


  • If he falls into a pit of lava and dies, you'll still get the Advancement for killing him.
  • He was probably inspired by King Dedede from the Kirby games.[citation needed]