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Iro Crate
Iro Crate.png
Hardness 5.0
Blast resistance 3.0
Transparent No
Luminance No
Flammable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
Rarity color Common
ID aoa3:iro_crate
Version added 1.1

Iro Crate is a block found in various structures within Iromine.


Iro Crates can be broken with a pickaxe, however they will not drop themselves unless the pickaxe is enchanted with Silk Touch, instead dropping loot from the table below. If an Iro Crate is broken without a pickaxe, it will drop nothing.

Other methods[]

Iro Crates can be found in loot chests within Iro Passages.


Block drops
Item Quantity Chance
File:Incomplete Mechanical Assault Rifle.png Incomplete Mechanical Assault Rifle 1 16.7%
Incomplete Mecha Bow.png Incomplete Mecha Bow 1 16.7%
File:Incomplete Mechyro.png Incomplete Mechyro 1 16.7%
File:Incomplete Mecha Crossbow.png Incomplete Mecha Crossbow 1 16.7%
File:Incomplete Mecha Cannon.png Incomplete Mecha Cannon 1 16.7%
File:Incomplete Mecha Staff.png Incomplete Mecha Staff 1 16.7%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
This pool won't roll if the tool used meets certain conditions.
Iro Crate.png Iro Crate 1 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
This pool will only roll if the tool used meets certain conditions.


Obtained from Level Price Price multiplier Item Stock Profession XP
Professor 3 (Journeyman) Iro Crate.png 1 Iro Crate 0.05 Gold Spring.png 1 Gold Spring 16 30