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Version added 2.0.4

Innervation is a skill themed around increasing the health of the player.


Innervation levels are gained by collecting Heart Stone.png Heartstones.

The heartstone heals the player on contact depending of the innervation level of the player (click here for heal amounts).

Every 5 innervation levels, the player will gain +1hp permanently (Heart reftest.png×0,5), up to 20hp (Heart reftest.pngx10) when reaching lvl 100, making the player's maximum health at 40hp (Heart reftest.pngx20).

Heartstone heal amounts[]

Refer to the Heartstone page for details on Heartstone heal amounts.


The amount of experience the player receives per heartstone changes as the player's Innervation level increases. The player can calculate the XP received per level with the following formula: XP required per level / special number.

The special number that the formula uses changes as the player increases their level. The following chart documents the special number used:

Level Special number
Levels 1-4 4
Levels 5-14 7
Levels 15-29 11
Levels 30-44 25
Levels 45-59 40
Levels 60-74 60
Levels 75-89 80
Levels 90-94 100
Levels 95-100 150

The player can wear the Innervation Armor when they reach level 100.