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Version added 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha
Id aoa3:innervation

Innervation is a skill that can aid the player in combat.

Overview[ | ]

Training[ | ]

There are two ways to obtain xp for Innervation: defeating mobs, and using Innervation abilities.

Defeating mobs[ | ]

Innervation xp is obtained every time the player defeats a mob. The amount of xp gained from each mob depends on various factors:

  • The player's current Innervation level.
  • The mob's total health times 1.5, or the total number of damage done to the mob by the player, whatever value is smaller is used in the calculation.
  • How much armor and armor toughness the mob has.
  • If the mob was spawned via a spawner. Mobs that were spawned from a spawner will give less Innervation xp.
  • Whether or not the mob is a flying mob, an underwater mob, or neither.
  • If the mob's speed is greater than .3.
  • Whether or not the mob is a hostile mob. Passive mobs will give less Innervation xp.
  • Whether or not the mob can move between dimensions.

Unless otherwise specified, all these factors serve to increase the amount of xp gained if their conditions are met. E.G. mobs that generally grant more Innervation xp are ones with high HP, armor, a speed value higher than 0.3, having the ability to fly or swim, is unable to travel through portals, etc.

Abilities[ | ]

The following Innervation abilities grant xp when used:

  • One Shot Damage Limiter
  • Innervation Mob Lure
  • Innervation Dodge

See the below section for more information.

Abilities[ | ]

Ability Unlock level Description
Attribute Modification 1 Modify the Max Health attribute by 0.3 per skill level
One Shot Damage Limiter 10 Prevents being killed by a single powerful blow from max health, leaving you alive with 1 health remaining
Potion Duration Reducer 19 Adjusts the duration of various specified potions when applied to you by -50%
Attribute Modification 25 Modify the Max Health attribute by 10
Bow Damage Increase 36 Increases bow damage dealt by 20% when firing fully-charged shots
Innervation Mob Lure 44 Press the Ability Action keybind while crouching to force the last entity you hit to target you. Consumes 8 Spirit per second while active. An attack from the lured entity is reduced to 25% damage, consuming 30 Spirit, and ending the lure
Attribute Modification 50 Modify the Max Health attribute by 10
Innervation Dodge 59 Press the Ability Action keybind while strafing to perform a strafe-dash at the cost of 30 Energy. Incoming melee attacks taken while dashing will be negated
Vulcane Damage Increase 65 Increases the damage dealt by Vulcanes by 50%
Double Drops Chance 77 Has a 10% + 0.147% per skill level chance to double a slain creature's loot on death
Attribute Modification 85 Modify the Max Health attribute by 10
Stun Strike 91 Press the Ability Action keybind while standing still to prepare a stun-strike for your next attack. The next melee attack you deal will also quickly throw a secondary punch, stunning the target for 2 seconds, at the cost of 30 Energy. Must be holding an off-hand item
Level Restriction 100 Gives access to the following for Helm of the Warrior: Equip/Wear

See individual pages for detailed ability information