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Version added 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha
Id aoa3:innervation

Innervation is a skill that can aid the player in combat.



There are two ways to obtain xp for Innervation: defeating mobs, and using Innervation abilities.

Defeating mobs[]

Innervation xp is obtained every time the player defeats a mob. The amount of xp gained from each mob depends on various factors:

  • The player's current Innervation level.
  • The mob's total health times 1.5, or the total number of damage done to the mob by the player, whatever value is smaller is used in the calculation.
  • How much armor and armor toughness the mob has.
  • If the mob was spawned via a spawner.
  • Whether or not the mob is a flying mob, an underwater mob, or neither.
  • If the mob's speed is greater than .3.
  • Whether or not the mob is a hostile mob.
  • Whether or not the mob can move between dimensions.


The following Innervation abilities grant xp when used:

  • One Shot Damage Limiter
  • Innervation Mob Lure
  • Innervation Dodge

See the below section for more information.


Ability Unlock level Description
Attribute Modification 1 Modify the Max Health attribute by 0.3 per skill level
One Shot Damage Limiter 10 Prevents being killed by a single powerful blow from max health, leaving you alive with 1 health remaining
Potion Duration Reducer 19 Adjusts the duration of various specified potions when applied to you by -50%
Attribute Modification 25 Modify the Max Health attribute by 10
Bow Damage Increase 36 Increases the damage of bow damage dealt by 20% when firing fully-charged shots
Innervation Mob Lure 44 Press the Ability Action keybind while crouching to force the last entity you hit to target you. Consumes 8 Spirit per second while active. An attack from the lured entity is reduced to 25% damage, and ends the lure
Attribute Modification 50 Modify the Max Health attribute by 10
Innervation Dodge 59 Press the Ability Action keybind while strafing to perform a strafe-dash at the cost of 30 Energy. Incoming melee attacks taken while dashing will be negated
Vulcane Damage Increase 65 Increases the damage dealt by Vulcanes by 50%
Double Drops Chance 77 Has a 10% + 0.147% per skill level chance to double a slain creature's loot on death
Attribute Modification 85 Modify the Max Health attribute by 10
Stun Strike 91 Press the Ability Action keybind while standing still to prepare a stun-strike for your next attack. The next melee attack you deal will also quickly throw a secondary punch, stunning the target for 2 seconds, at the cost of 30 Energy. Mist be holding an off-hand item
Level Restriction 100 Gives access to the following for Helm of the Warrior: Equip/Wear

See individual pages for detailed ability information