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Innervation Icon.png
Version added 2.0.4

Innervation is a skill themed around increasing the health of the player.

Information[edit | edit source]

Innervation levels are gained by collecting Heart Stone.png Heartstones.

The heartstone heals the player on contact depending of the innervation level of the player (click here for heal amounts).

Every 5 innervation levels, the player will gain +1hp permanently (Heart reftest.png×0,5), up to 20hp (Heart reftest.pngx10) when reaching lvl 100, making the player's maximum health at 40hp (Heart reftest.pngx20).

Heartstone heal amounts[edit | edit source]

Refer to the Heartstone page for details on Heartstone heal amounts.

Experience[edit | edit source]

The amount of experience the player receives per heartstone changes as the player's Innervation level increases. The player can calculate the XP received per level with the following formula: XP required per level / special number.

The special number that the formula uses changes as the player increases their level. The following chart documents the special number used:

Level Special number
Levels 1-4 4
Levels 5-14 7
Levels 15-29 11
Levels 30-44 25
Levels 45-59 40
Levels 60-74 60
Levels 75-89 80
Levels 90-94 100
Levels 95-100 150

The player can wear the Innervation Armor when they reach level 100.