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Infusion Table
Infusion Table.png
Hardness 10
Blast resistance 15
Transparent No
Luminance None
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
Version added 2.0

The Infusion Table is a utility block that is used to enchant and craft weapons or armor.



Name Ingredients Recipe
Infusion Table 3 Wool (any color) +
2 Ancient Rock +
1 Infusion Stone (any type) +
3 Obsidian
Purple Wool
Purple Wool
Purple Wool
Ancient Rock
Glistening Infusion Stone
Ancient Rock
Infusion Table


The Infusion Table's GUI as seen in-game.

The player can press use (right-click) on an Infusion Table to open its GUI. The Infusion Table's GUI is almost identical to that of a crafting table with one exception: there is an extra input slot to the left of the 3x3 crafting grid.

The Infusion Table's GUI has two main purposes: to create new weapons and armor, and to enchant already existing weapons and armor.

Creating weapons/armor[]

Creating weapons or armor at the Infusion Table is a lot like crafting them at the crafting table. In order to make a specific weapon or armor piece, the player has to do two things. First, the player must insert the correct ingredients into the 3x3 grid like the player would do for crafting something on the crafting table. Second, the player must take the correct frame and insert it into the input slot to the left of the 3x3 grid.

If all the items are in the correct places, a weapon or armor piece will appear in the output slot to the right of the 3x3 grid. Unlike with enchanting, the player does not have to train their Infusion skill in order to create weapons or armor.


In order to enchant an item at the Infusion Table, the player must first place the item they want to be enchanted in the input slot to the left of the 3x3 grid. The player must then insert various items (depending on the enchantment) into the 3x3 grid. Depending on the enchantment, the player will also need to have the correct level of Infusion in order to get an enchantment.

If done correctly, and the player has the correct Infusion level, the item in the slot to the left of the 3x3 grid will appear enchanted in the output slot to the right of the 3x3 grid. If the player does not have the correct Infusion level, then the output slot will remain empty, even if the player has placed the other items into their correct spots.

Other uses[]

The player can press use (right-click) on the Infusion Table while holding an Infusion Stone to consume the Infusion Stone and give the player xp in their Infusion skill. As the player is doing this, there is a small chance for the player to obtain a Power Stone of the same type as the Infusion Stone.

In order to be able to use the Infusion Stones on the Infusion Table, the player has to be the correct level of Infusion. The stones, the levels needed to use them, the amount of xp they give, and the corresponding power stone they create is shown in the table below:

Infusion Stone Level req XP given Power Stone given
Glistening Infusion Stone.png Glistening Infusion Stone 5 8 XP Glistening Power Stone.png Glistening Power Stone
Gleaming Infusion Stone.png Gleaming Infusion Stone 15 16 XP Gleaming Power Stone.png Gleaming Power Stone
Ambient Infusion Stone.png Ambient Infusion Stone 20 20 XP Ambient Power Stone.png Ambient Power Stone
Glaring Infusion Stone.png Glaring Infusion Stone 30 40 XP Glaring Power Stone.png Glaring Power Stone
Glowing Infusion Stone.png Glowing Infusion Stone 45 85 XP Glowing Power Stone.png Glowing Power Stone
Shining Infusion Stone.png Shining Infusion Stone 60 150 XP Shining Power Stone.png Shining Power Stone
Radiant Infusion Stone.png Radiant Infusion Stone 70 220 XP Radiant Power Stone.png Radiant Power Stone
Blooming Infusion Stone.png Blooming Infusion Stone 80 300 XP Blooming Power Stone.png Blooming Power Stone

Related Advancements[]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngInfusion Table.png Ready to Imbue Craft an Infusion Table See description Framed! aoa3:overworld/ready_to_imbue No