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Infested Asteroid
Infested Asteroid.png
Biome N/A
Version added 3.5.2
ID aoa3:infested_asteroid

Infested Asteroid is a structure from Lunalus.


Infested asteroid generates in Lunalus.


The infested asteroid is a giant asteroid that is being collided with a smaller asteroid. The debris from the impact can be seen floating around the point of impact between the two.

Inside the larger asteroid is a cave. The cave has four spawners inside: two that spawns baumbas, and two that spawns reflucts.

Structure pieces[]

Structure piece Description Contents Image
aoa3:lunalus/infested_asteroid/infested_asteroid Size: 23x25x27

Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
Magma Block.png Magma Block
Netherrack.png Netherrack
Spawner.png Spawner
Stone.png Stone

Infested Asteroid.png