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Imbuing Level Restriction is an ability associated with the Imbuing skill.

Overview[ | ]

Imbuing[ | ]

Imbuing Level Restriction is an ability tied to a mechanic that restricts recipes in an Imbuing Chamber until the player reaches the required Imbuing level, in which they are then accessible. Unlike other abilities, Imbuing Level Restriction abilities cannot be disabled in the Advent GUI once unlocked, unless the skill level is brought back below the threshold via cycling or commands.

The following table displays the Imbuing levels required for all of the Imbuing Chamber's recipes.

Level Imbuing recipes
1 Bane of Arthropods I, Luck of the Sea I
2 Lure I
3 Blast Protection I
5 Efficiency I
7 Knockback I
8 Protection I
9 Sharpness I
10 Impaling I, Luck of the Sea II, Riptide I, Sweeping Edge I
12 Bane of Arthropods II, Form I
13 Fortune I, Projectile Protection I
14 Blast Protection II, Respiration I, Smite I
15 Depth Strider I, Fire Protection I, Lure II
16 Knockback II, Shell I
17 Fire Aspect I, Protection II
18 Feather Falling I, Looting I, Sharpness II
19 Efficiency II, Sever I
20 Riptide II, Soul Speed I
21 Form II, Quick Charge I, Smite II
22 Control I, Respiration II, Sweeping Edge II
23 Loyalty I
24 Fire Protection II, Impaling II, Luck of the Sea III, Recharge I
25 Bane of Arthropods III, Flame, Lure III, Power I, Punch I, Sharpness III
26 Blast Protection III, Fire Aspect II, Piercing I, Shell II
27 Depth Strider II, Feather Falling II, Projectile Protection II, Sever II
28 Efficiency III
29 Archmage I, Fortune II
30 Looting II, Soul Speed II, Unbreaking I
31 Channeling, Loyalty II, Protection III
32 Sweeping Edge III
33 Aqua Affinity, Fire Protection III, Quick Charge II
34 Bane of Arthropods IV, Piercing II
35 Blast Protection IV, Feather Falling III, Impaling III, Respiration III, Swift Sneak I
36 Control II, Punch II, Thorns I
37 Depth Strider III, Riptide III, Power II, Smite III
38 Form III, Projectile Protection III
39 Archmage II, Frost Walker I, Recharge II
40 Bane of Arthropods V, Efficiency IV, Protection IV, Soul Speed III
41 Unbreaking II
42 Shell III, Swift Sneak II
43 Fortune III, Loyalty III
44 Looting III, Smite IV
45 Multishot, Sharpness IV, Thorns II
46 Sever III
47 Feather Falling IV
48 Quick Charge III
49 Control III, Fire Protection IV
50 Swift Sneak III
51 Piercing III, Projectile Protection IV
52 Impaling IV
54 Power III
55 Efficiency V
56 Frost Walker II, Recharge III
57 Archmage III, Sharpness V
58 Thorns III
59 Intervention, Unbreaking III
60 Silk Touch
62 Infinity, Sever IV, Smite V
66 Impaling V
66 Brace
69 Piercing IV
70 Power IV, Sever V
73 Recharge IV
82 Power V
85 Recharge V
97 Mending

Customization[ | ]