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Imbuing Chamber
Imbuing Chamber
Hardness 10
Blast resistance 15
Transparent No
Flammable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
Rarity color Common
ID aoa3:imbuing_chamber
Version added 1.20.4-3.7.4

The Imbuing Chamber is a utility block used for imbuing items with enchantments. It is directly associated with the Imbuing skill.

Obtaining[ | ]

Crafting[ | ]

Item Ingredients Recipe
Imbuing Chamber 7 forge:ingots/copper (Tag) +
1 Infusion Table +
1 aoa3:energy_stone (Tag)
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Infusion Table
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Ambient Energy Stone
Copper Ingot
Imbuing Chamber
This recipe is shapeless; the ingredients may be placed in any arrangement in the crafting grid.

Usage[ | ]

Imbuing Chamber GUI

The Imbuing Chamber's GUI.

Pressing use on an Imbuing Chamber will open its GUI. The Imbuing Chamber's GUI has one slot on the left, five middle slots 'connected' to the copper, and a slot on the right surrounded by a purple square.

Imbuing items[ | ]

The Imbuing Chamber is able to imbue items, I.E. enchant them with a specific enchantment of the player's choosing without requiring vanilla xp. Items that are already enchanted can still be imbued.

All enchantments and their levels added by the mod and vanilla Minecraft (except curse enchantments) have imbuing recipes. Almost all of these recipes require a certain level of Imbuing to access.

Imbuing mechanics[ | ]

Every imbuing recipe requires a specific combination of Power Stones and Aspect Foci.

Imbuing Chamber Beam

A beam emitting from the Power Stone, with the Aspect Foci changing its color.

Power Stones are placed into the leftmost slot. Once inserted, a beam will emit from the Power Stone in the GUI and on the chamber itself (resembling the beam emitted by a Beacon). This beam is only cosmetic, and matches the color of the Power Stone.

Aspect Foci are placed into the five middle slots. An enchantment's levels all require the same combination of Aspect Foci - each level requires a different variant of Power Stone (higher level enchantments will require rarer variants of Power Stones). This portion of the recipe is shapeless, and the Aspect Foci can be placed in any of the five slots. Aspect Foci will also change the color of the beam being emitted.

Successfully Imbued Item

A Diamond Pickaxe imbued with Efficiency I.

If the combination of Power Stone and Aspect Foci correctly matches a recipe, the name of the corresponding enchantment will display in the GUI. From there, placing an item that enchantment can normally be applied to in the rightmost slot will imbue the item with that enchantment. This will consume the Power Stone and reduce the durability of each Aspect Foci by 1, along with granting Imbuing exp.

An item can only be imbued with an enchantment it already has if the level of the enchantment being imbued is higher than what it currently has. E.G. Imbuing Sharpness V onto an item with Sharpness IV will remove the lower level and replace it with the higher one, and Sharpness III cannot be imbued on an item with Sharpness IV.

Imbuing Chamber will respect normal enchanting rules - mutually exclusive enchantments cannot be imbued together. Books also cannot be imbued.

Related Advancements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bgImbuing Chamber Ready to Imbue Craft an Imbuing Chamber See description Ready To Infuse aoa3:overworld/ready_to_imbue No