Holy Sword

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Holy Sword
Holy Sword.png
Type Sword
Damage 1  (♥×0.5)
Attack speed 4.8
Durability 1000
Tooltip A holy token
Rarity color Rare
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Version added 2.4.B
ID aoa3:holy_sword

The Holy Sword is a special Tier 0 sword obtained by gaining Tribute.

Information[edit | edit source]

When held in the main hand or offhand, the rate at which the player gains any Tribute is doubled. Additionally, pressing use will strike lightning where the player is standing with a 5 second cooldown. The lightning is entirely visual though.

Repair[edit | edit source]

See Repairing

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

See Swords#Enchanting

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Tribute[edit | edit source]

Completely filling up all 4 Tribute bars before night falls, will give the player a Holy Sword once the Tribute effects activate.