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Heart Stone
Heart Stone.png
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Version added 2.0.4

The Heart Stone is an entity used to train Innervation.


Heart Stones have a chance of dropping when killing nearly any mob. The player will know when a Heart Stone dropped upon hearing a special sound.


Upon coming into contact with a Heart Stone, the player will gain some Innervation experience. The heart stone will disappear.

Depending on the player's Innervation level, collecting a Heart Stone can heal the player. The amounts of health the Heart Stone grants are given by this table:

Innervation Level Health healed
Level 1-7 0 (♥×0)
Level 8-14 1 (♥×0.5)
Level 15-36 2 (♥×1)
Level 37-69 3 (♥×1.5)
Level 70-100 4 (♥×2)