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Heart Stone
Heart Stone.png
XP Xp Orb.png N/A
Version added 2.0.4

The Heart Stone is an entity used to train Innervation.


Heart Stones have a chance of dropping when killing nearly any mob. The player will know when a Heart Stone dropped upon hearing a special sound.


Upon coming into contact with a Heart Stone, the player will gain some Innervation experience. The heart stone will disappear.

Depending on the player's Innervation level, collecting a Heart Stone can heal the player. The amounts of health the Heart Stone grants are given by this table:

Innervation Level Health healed
Level 1-7 0 (♥×0)
Level 8-14 1 (♥×0.5)
Level 15-36 2 (♥×1)
Level 37-69 3 (♥×1.5)
Level 70-100 4 (♥×2)


Version Information
2.0.4 Added Heart Stones. At the time, they were items that would grant Innervation experience and delete themselves when inserted into a player inventory. As a result of this, players with full inventories could not obtain Heart Stones.
3.2 Changed Heart Stones into entities, such that players can obtain Heart Stones on contact even if they have a full inventory.